V.A.T. extra on all prices Phone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com 8 ENGINE XLD FSD DORSET DOVER N100-280 N400&450 EHD PUMA WORKSHOP MANUAL, ENGINE SECTION £20 £20 £20 £20 £40 £40 £28 £28 WORKSHOP MANUAL, ELECTRICAL & FUEL SECTION £10 £10 £20 £20 C.D. C.D. C.D. C.D. QUICK REFERENCE PARTS BOOK £10 £10 £10 £10 — — — — BOATBUILDER PRICES MANUALS AND PARTS BOOKS POWER TAKE-OFFS FORD 2700 SERIES, DORSET FORD 2720 SERIES, DOVER, OTOSAN Ford diesel engine repair parts Ford 2700 & 2720 series crankshaft pulleys Ford 2700-2720 series dipstick Ford 2725 long sump (see page 6) Helical water pump drive gear Oil filter, large Push rods Spill rail, injectors and injector pipes Power take-off pulley Twin element fuel filter assembly (see page 10) Ford 2700/2720 series PTO shaft. Ford parts are used on C T Marine, Couach, C-Power, Lehman, Econopower, Gustaffson, Mermaid, PowerMarine, Sabre, Thorneycroft, Watermota and others. Ford diesel engine repair parts (Angled cut timing gears, Steel Timing cover, Part numbers starting 693F to 826F) Bolt, crankshaft centre £46 Gasket, fresh water pump to block £8 Gasket, timing cover £11 Gears, Angle cut for Jabsco pumps 7/8" bore 1:5 taper £81 Oil filter riser "Telephone" £110 Pipe, drain, turbocharger, MM1462027 SAB49047 £80 Pipe, feed, turbocharger MM1486950, SAB49048 92 Pipe, injector, spill, 6-cyl (cut down for 4cyl) £54 Pipe, oil pick-up £83 Plate, blanking, Tachometer hole £8.50 Pulley, crank, 2 groove (Spare groove if single) £103 Push rod £28 Spin on oil filter conversion, without oil feed, including filter £57 Valve cotters single groove, per pair £8 (Straight cut timing gears, Aluminium Timing cover, Part numbers starting 826F or higher) Bolts, main bearing cap, pair £26 Damper diaphragm, fuel pump £68 Drive belt, flat 8PK 1535LE, T986T8620BB £49 Filter, oil, large (140mm diameter) £48 Gasket, cover, timing casing, for long-sump engines, £11 Gasket, thermostat housing, twin, 813F9K462EAA £6 Gear, straight cut. for Jabsco pumps 7/8" bore 1:5 taper £81 Housing, thermostat, twin, 813F9K457EAB £108 Pipe, fuel filter to Injection ump, M14, 826F9C520EAB £15 Pipe, fuel, lift pump to filter, M14, 846F8B273EEA £15 Pipe, Injector spill, 6-cyl (cut down for 4cyl) £54 Pipe, oil filter housing to fuel injection pump £33 Pipe, water, front 2725 926T8K524AAA £29 Piston, with pin and rings, Turbo engines up to 212HP £267 Pressure relief valve, injection pump £56 Pulley, crank, 1 groove (front mounted oil pump) £124 Pulley, crank, 2 groove (front mounted oil pump) £198 Pulley, crank, flat belt 8 rib (front mounted oil pump) £172 Push rod £43 Seat, Exhaust Valve £17 Seat, Inlet Valve £20 Solenoid fuel, cold-start, 12V or 24V £70 Spin on oil filter conversion, with oil feed, including filter £57 Sump drain plug, 22mm OD coarse thread (no magnet) 113E 6730A £28 Triple-groove P .T.O. pulley, 127mm diameter, A/B section for 2700 and 2720 with 31mm standout from existing crankshaft pulley hub, with studs and nuts. £225 1/2/3-groove PTO pulley, choice of diameters from 165mm upwards, A-section, close up fitting to existing crankshaft pulley, with bolts, for 2700 series from £185 similar, for 2720 series from £195 1¼" shaft to bolt to front of existing crankshaft pulley for Ford 2700 and 2720 £171