b'Ford diesel engine repair parts BOATBUILDER PRICESFord diesel engine repair partsFORD 2700 SERIES, DORSET (Angled cut timing gears, Steel Timing cover)Bolt, crankshaft centre793F 6A345 AA 43Gasket, fresh water pump to blockA7348Gasket, timing coverA740 Cork11Gears, Angle cut for Jabsco pumps 7/8" bore 1:5 taper81Oil filter riser "Telephone"110Pipe, drain, turbocharger, MM1462027SAB4904780Pipe, feed, turbocharger MM1486950, SAB4904892 Pipe, fuel filter to injection pump, " UNF nuts, olives & 18" hose, 4 cyl361 x 1-57922 18" 2 x 080280 olives 2 x 31D69 nutsPipe, fuel filter to injection pump, " UNF nuts, olives & 12" hose, 6 cyl36Ford 2700 & 2720 series crankshaft pulleys 1 x 1-57920 12" 2 x 080280 olives 2 x 31D69 nutsPipe, fuel lift pump to filter, " UNF nuts, olives & 18" hose, 361 x 1-57922 18" 1 x 080280 olive 2 x 31D69 nutsPipe, injector, spill, 6-cyl (cut down for 4cyl)703F 9K022BA 54Pipe, oil pick-up. May require local modification to suit pump or sump83Plate, blanking, Tachometer hole8.50Pulley, crank, 2 groove (one groove as spare if only one belt is used) 826F 6B319 BB19103 Push rod510E 648828Pipe. Fuel filter to injection pump Spin on oil filter conversion, without oil feed, including filter 1019851+48Valve cotters single groove, per pair510E 65188FORD 2720 SERIES, DOVER, OTOSAN (Straight cut timing gears, Aluminium Timing cover)Bolts, main bearing cap, pair936T 6346 AA26Damper diaphragm,fuel pump 0380526Drive belt, flat 8PK 1535LE, T986T8620BB25Ford 2700-2720 series dipstick Filter, oil, large (140mm diameter)966T 6T 35Gasket, cover, timing casing, for long-sump engines, 11Gasket, thermostat housing, twin, 813F9K462EAA6Gear, straight cut. for Jabsco pumps 7/8" bore 1:5 taper81 Housing, thermostat, twin, 813F9K457EAB126Oil cooler, Otosan 826F 6A642 HAID471Pipe, fuel filter to Injection pump, M14 couplers & 18" hose, 4 cyl. Dover362 x 1-14211, 1 x 1-57922 18"Pipe, fuel filter to Injection pump, M14 couplers & 12" hose, 6 cyl. Dover362 x 1-14211, 1 x 1-57920 12"Injection pump damper, Dover Sump Drain Plug Pipe, Injector spill, 6-cyl (cut down for 4cyl)54Pipe, oil filter housing to fuel injection pump33Pipe, water, front 2725 926T8K524AAA29Piston, with pin and rings, Turbo engines up to 212HP267Pressure relief valve, injection pump711124Pulley, crank, 2 groove (front mounted oil pump)826F 6B319BBA119Pulley, crank, flat belt 8 rib (front mounted oil pump)826F 6B319EB1B 157Push rod813F 6065GAA43Seat, Exhaust Valve17Oil Filter Riser "Telephone" Pipe. Oil filter Housing to Injection Pump Seat, Inlet Valve20Solenoid fuel, cold-start, 12V or 24V,earth return826F9D278KBAY53Spin on oil filter conversion, with oil feed, including filter 48Sump drain plug, 22mm OD coarse thread (no magnet) 113E 6730A27Helical water pump drive gear Cold start solenoid, DoverSpill rail, injectors and injector pipes Ford oil cooler, 2728TIM and OTOSAN Oil filter, Large8 Ford parts are used on C T Marine, Couach, C-Power, Lehman, Econopower, Gustaffson, Mermaid, PowerMarine, Sabre, Thorneycroft, Watermota and others.V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'