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About the Pricebook

Lancing Marine Pricebook contains prices on Ford, Euroholland, F.P.T. and Vetus engines, prepared for use on a wide range of marine gearboxes, sterndrives, waterjets and generators.

Control and steering equipment from Morse and other makers, sterngear, marinisation parts, surface and jet drives, are also listed, all at boatbuilder prices. Sterling alternator regulators, Racor and Ancor fuel filters, fuel feed hoses, battery cables, spill pipes are all priced in there as well. Electrical equipment covers instrument panels, wiring harnesses and a wide selection of instruments including tachometers, temperature gauges, oil pressure gauges, battery voltmeters, fuel gauges, gearbox pressure gauges, rudder angle indicators, all with their appropriate senders, plus water tank level sensors, boost gauges, engine hour meters, ammeters, compasses, depth sounders, and fuel flow meters.

Other specialist electrical parts include water intake blockage sensors, over-temperature and low oil pressure warning switches and alarms, special alternator regulators that ensure best possible battery charging, charge split relays, mains powered battery chargers and inverters that provide mains power from battery power supply.

Power take-off pulleys, spare parts manuals for 2725 Ford, FSD, XLD, Sternpowr and Enfield Z-drives are also covered. Oil coolers, R&D flexible couplings & flywheel drive damper plates, Rule and Jabsco bilge pumps, tillers, Bowman heat exchangers, oil coolers & charge air coolers, manifolds, castings, diesel filters,  are fully listed.

Installation parts covered are fuel supply pipes and filters, spill pipe assemblies to comply with Inland Waterways regulations, Sump pumps for draining engines and transmissions, water intake skin fittings, seacocks and water filters, anti-siphon vents, and engine room acoustic insulation.

Exhaust system parts include wire-reinforced and soft hose, exhaust water traps and backflow preventers, silencers, exhaust gas water separators, stainless steel bends and transom outlets for wet exhausts, together with flexible bellows and silencers plus lagging tape for dry systems.

A wide range of marine gearboxes is offered, including those made by PRM, Hurth/ZF, Technodrive, Borg-Warner Velvetdrive, and Twin Disc, all at special boatbuilder prices.To fit these boxes, a wide range of ancilleries are offered, including housing covers for standard SAE style housings as well as castings that Lancing Marine make to adapt these gearboxes to a wide range of popular British and European engines, control cable attachment kits, oil cooler kits, and solid and flexible couplings for popular Imperial and Metric shaft sizes. Flywheel damper drive plates made by R & D and Centreflex are listed in torque ranges from 1.1 to 28.6 HP/100RPM, with a variety of types of elements suitable for various engine torsional characteristics. A brief list of popular gearbox repair parts is included, though Lancing Marine do actually keep a much wider range of parts, especially for PRM, Hurth/ZF and Borg-Warner Velvetdrives.

Sterngear listings include propeller shafts, sterntubes in brass, steel and glassfibre that can be bolted, welded or glassed in place, bearing carriers, stuffing boxes, Deep-Sea seals,  intermediate bearings, cutless bearings in brass and phenolic casings, shaft anodes, rope cutters from Stripper and R & D, rudder tubes, again in brass, steel or GRP, tiller arms, and rudder blades in mild or stainless steel, welded to stainless steel stocks.

A detailed propeller price list covers a wide range of styles, including two, three and four blade propellers in standard “Turbine” or “Round-blade” form and more exotic shapes like “Equipoise” & “Hyperform” together with special forms for use with sterndrives and surface drives. Special folding and feathering props are also covered, including those from Gori, Radice and Brunton Autoprop.

Specialist drive systems listed include Sonic and Sternpowr (as used on the ex-MOD Pacific RIBS) sterndrives, special long drive legs for catamarans from Sonic, and through-hull drives from both Sternpowr and Sonic, together with spare parts for these drive systems as well as for the Enfield (previously Perkins) sterndrive.The LM Transomdrive, a rugged surface drive system popular for high speed boats is listed in 3 sizes of propeller, 14”, 17” and 20”.These units can have their own steering system, or can be “dumb” to use with a separate single rudder fitted to the transom between a pair of drives, and connect to the engine with a conventional marine propeller shaft, flexible coupling and marine gearbox, so enable the drives to be matched to a wide range of petrol and diesel engines.The final specialist drive system is the Castoldi waterjet, available for boats from about 1 ton all-up weight up to 10 tons (or 20 tons on a twin-engine vessel). These have a choice of control system options including simple mechanical controls to electric/hydraulic or hydro-mechanical systems. Due to the presence of a clutch in the jet unit and a pair of gears between the input shaft and impeller shaft, the gear ratio of any jet can be altered to cover a wide range of engine horsepowers and speeds.

Bowman heat transfer systems listed include simple water-jacketed exhaust manifolds, header tank and heat exchanger assemblies and complete manifolds combined with both heat exchanger and header tank, as well a engine and gearbox oil coolers, and charge air coolers to cool the air coming out of the turbocharger on its way to the inlet manifold.A wide range of Bowman spares is also listed and some parts for Polar heat exchangers are also available.

Parts are listed to marinise close to 80 different diesel and petrol engines, both naturally-aspirated and turbocharged, and to mount them in the boat and connect them to marine transmission systems. Makes covered include Isuzu,  New Holland,  BMC, Ford, Perkins, Gardner, Landrover, Mercedes, Peugeot, Rover, Leyland, Jaguar, Scania, Volvo, VW, Volkswagen, Cummins, Chevrolet, U.S. Ford, Bedford, GM, General Motors and Jaguar.

Transmissions that can be added include ZF, Hurth, Borg-Warner, Twin Disc, TMC, Technodrive and others.Spare parts are listed for Jabsco water pumps, Lehman-Ford, Sabre, Mermaid, Perkins and Cummins  engines, together with starter motors, alternators, oil filter conversions, engine anti-vibration mounts, and oil filter spin-on conversions.

Dieselisation, the conversion of used ex-vehicle diesel engines to fit to sterndrives that have previously had MerCruiser, Volvo or BMW petrol engines fitted is another Lancing Marine speciality listed, and parts are available as either complete kits that include all marinisation, plus mounting and coupling for the appropriate drive system, plus exhaust and other parts needed for a successful conversion, to the extent that there should be nothing substantial needed to be bought in to complete the task, or as individual components for portions of the task.

Apart from supplying complete or partial marinisation kits, Lancing Marine's foundry facilities enable the supply of a wide range of engine bell housings, Mounting brackets, exhaust injection outlets and other specialist cast aluminium parts.

Whilst Lancing Marine supplies most parts from the ignition key to the propeller that are in any way connected to or associated with boat engines, they also have a conventional machine shop capable of turning, drilling, milling grinding and slotting up to tool room standards, and outside work undertaken has included refurbishment of the running gear on the oldest electric railway in UK, the Volks railway in Brighton, working to Magnus Volks' original drawings from 140 years ago!.

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