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Bowman Heat Exchanger Range

Posted: 24 March 2023
E.J. Bowman renowned for their quality and reliability with over a century of delivering heat transfer products and technology. Learn more about how EJ Bowman became a 'world leader' in heat transfer technology since 1919. Lancing Marine stocks and supplies a wide range of Bowman products.


DC Oil Cooler Range. Compact oil coolers for engines & gearboxes. Using the same size tubes as Bowman's larger oil coolers. The body is nickle finished solid brass. Durable neoprene end covers are available in a range of sizes. A wide range of over 40 model variants of body size and end cover type are available. See Pricebook Page 28.

Shell & Tube Oil Cooler Range. Bowman provides a comprehensive range of oil coolers with a range of different options for marine 7 industrial applications. The standardised design enables a range of different options from cooling capacity 4 to 900 kW heat disipation, oil port type (BSP-threaded, ISO-Flanged), supply end cover design (single, two or three pass), end cover type (Broass Tube-stack type (Cupro-nickel, Stainless steel or Titanium), end cover material (Bronze, Composite, Iron) and Seal type including for high temperature applications.

Available options include double Seal retaining flangeend covers to allow inspection and improve maintence down-time. In addition Titanium Tube Stacks are available for special order, provide a ‘fit and forget’ solution for any application where very aggressive water conditions exist, such as salt, or contaminated/mineral rich fresh water. Titanium resists chemical attack and eliminates the risk of premature failure of the tube stack.

See Pricebook Page 28.  

Oil Cooler Instalation. Guide explaining instalation, Operation & Maintenance best practice. The guide will help ensure your hydraulic oil cooler operates efficiently and reliably. Please keep this guide for future reference to ensure the long term performance of you Bowman hydraulic oil cooler. Should you require advice or assistance, please contact.


In addition to our standard marine heat exchanger range, Bowman also offer a number of models designed for specific engines, including Cummins, Ford, Mitsubishi and Perkins.

These units are the perfect replacement for a failed OEM part. They also provide an easy solution for converting an industrial engine for marine applications using sea water as the cooling medium.

Product BenefitsOE design unit Easier installation on specific engine types. Simple selection Cooling performance designed for the enginePremium quality UK manufactured, using quality components. Cost-effective Enables easier engine conversion for marine use. Heritage designs Suitable for older engine designs made under licence.

The information below gives a general guide to the current range of bespoke marine engine heat exchangers. If the unit you require isn’t listed below, please as a limited number of heat exchangers for certain obsolete British Leyland, Ford, Mercedes Benz and Perkins engines are still available.

If you need to replace obsolete heat exchangers and require one of our standard products, please contact us with details of the engine and your cooling requirements and we will help with the selection of suitable products.


Cummins Marine Engines

  Model Bowman Type Application
  4B/BT/BTA Series CB120-4109-3 Heat Exchanger
  4BT/BTA Series FG100-4075-2 Charge Air Cooler
  6B/BT Series CB140-4216-4 Heat Exchanger
  6BT Series FG100-4075-2 Charge Air Cooler
  6BTA Series GL140-4076-2 Charge Air Cooler
  6C/CT/CTA Series CC120-4173 Heat Exchanger

Ford Marine Engines

  Model Bowman Type Application
  Type 2722/3/5 FH440-3404 Header Tank Heat Exchanger

Mitsubishi Marine Engines

  Model Bowman Type Application
  L Series: L2 ML120-3992 Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold
  L Series: L3 ML130-3993 Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold
  K Series: K3B/D/E MK130-3996 Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold
  K Series: K4C/D/E MK140-3997 Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold
  S Series: S3/L2 MS130-4295 Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold
  S Series: S4/L2 MS140-4296 Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold

Perkins Marine Engines

  Model Bowman Type Application
  4-99/107/108 PE180-3483 Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold
  4-236 PE390-3674 Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold
  6-354 PE580-3676 Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold


Charge Air Cooler. Cool turbocharged compressed combustion air.

Charge Air Cooler Instalation. Best practice nd maintenance guide.



Exhaust Gas Recovery. An exhaust gas heat exchanger (EGHE) is an extremely effective way of recovering valuable waste heat energy from an engine powered generating set.

By recovering waste heat from the engine’s exhaust stream,the overall efficiency of a gen-set can be increased fromapproximately 30% (power only), to around 60% (with EGHEOnly) and 80% + when heat is recovered from the enginescooling system.

Bowman offer a comprehensive range of highly efficient units, suitable for applications up to1MW, for engines using Biogas, Diesel, Natural Gas and Hydrogen.Bowman EGHEs are designed for a wide range of commercial or industrial applications. Extensively proven in some of the most challengingi nstallations on earth, Bowman exhaust gas heat exchangers are high quality units that combine high levels of heat recovery, with long life durability.



Now, as the industry moves towards renewable energypower systems, Bowman is again at the forefront,providing reliable, high quality heat exchangers for electric and hybrid marine propulsion.

Hybrid Shell & tube heat exchangers for Electric & Hybrid Propulsion. Cooling applications include: the battery pack and on-boardcharger (where fitted), AC-DC converter, DC-DC converter,electric drive motor, plus battery charging stations.Hybrid PropulsionCooling applications include: the Hybrid Control Unit, the combined Electric Motor/Generator, plus cooling for theengine jacket water and lubrication systems (please seeour Marine Cooling brochure for more information onengine and transmission cooling).

Fuel Cell Pioneering hydrogen fuel cell project insight, where Bowman provided the necessary cooling technology.



Hot Tubs Save energy & heat hot tubs faster with the Bowman EC80-5113-1T heat exchanger. This offers a new way of heating hot tubs quickly, reducing energy costs for your customers. It’s ultra-compact, so it can be installed virtually anywhere. And at its heart is a titanium tubestack enabling compatability with any type of pool water.



There are a number of factors to consider when projecting the life of a marine oil cooler. For example, has the correct product been selected for the cooling requirement? Has it been installed and commissioned correctly? Is the velocity (or flow rate) and pressure of the cooling medium within manufacturers recommendations? Has the unit been maintained and serviced in line with manufacturers requirements?

Assuming all the of the above questions (and possibly a few more) have been correctly addressed, there is no reason why a good quality marine oil cooler, from a well known, reputable company such as Bowman, shouldn’t last for more than 20 years. But to achieve this, it’s vital that the unit is correctly specified, installed, commissioned and maintained. For example, on marine oil coolers fitted with Cupro-nickel tube stacks, it is vitally important to ensure the copper-nickel alloy tubes are ‘conditioned’ correctly, to enable the thin layer of natural protective film to form on the tube surface, to provide long term corrosion protection.

Additionally, if the manufacturers recommended water flow rate is exceeded, high velocity seawater entering the oil cooler can quickly erode the tubes and tube plates, leading to premature failure, so following the guidelines is critical! And the well documented rise of plastic waste in our oceans, means that in addition to having adequate filtration of the incoming seawater, it’s also really important to inspect and clean an oil cooler regularly, to maintain its performance and extend the life of the unit! The good news is that if looked after correctly, a marine oil cooler can operate reliably for decades.

Bowman often hear of instances where their marine oil coolers have been working for more than 40 years!

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