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Marine, renewables and offshore industries news for maratime professionals
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  Boat Builder Central Forum
A leader in the professional and Do-It-Yourself boat building and repair industries.
  British Marine Trade association for the UK leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industry.
  Bennett Trim Tabs Simple, durable, and affordable trim-tabs for smaller boats

Everything about Boats Great resource, link goes to the Lehman content.

Cruisers Forum Crusing boats, cruising people and answers.

Old Marine Engine A resource for Antique Inboard Marine Engine Enthusiasts.

Practical Boat Owner PBO and other publications, links to reader to reader section.

Canal World Forum All things canal and boat related. One of the largest online waterways communities.

Boatmad Forum High performance boating Uk & european enthuiasts site.

HISSE-RT-OH Sail & motorboats forum. French language forum with translation to English provided.

Glen-l.com Boatbuilder Active boat building community & knowledge center
  Moody Owners Moody owners association, Technical, General and other ontent.
  Marine Diesel Basics Visual help for your marine diesel system. The book, training materials & useful resources
  Mr. Lopez Classes.com Marine Engineering courses that provide practical and detailed understaning, video & text.

RIBnet Forum The number one RIB website
  Bright hub engineering Designed to meet the needs of the Engineering Community

Ecosia.org The search engine that plants trees
  RBBI.com US Recreational Boat Building Industry site
  Oyster Owners Independent online community for owners of an Oyster yachts
  Matime UK Collective voice for the UK's maritime industries. Article features our electrification plans
  Trawler forum Global forum for displaement trawler boats
  Land Rover Forums Land Rover forums - marine has its place

Boote forum de Yacht and boat forum in German language with translation to English provided. 
  Marine and Maritime Gazette
Marine, renewables and offshore industries publication for maratime professionals.

Pistonheads Automotive forum contains marine content within the Gassing pages.

On-line selection of boating related forums. Listed for ease of access and exposure across the boating world.

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