b'Ford diesel engine repair parts BOATBUILDER PRICESFord diesel engine repair partsXLD 1800FSD2712E2715E2704ET2722E2725E2726T2728TIMHead gasket17*2229232331414141Rocker cover gasket11615232310151515De-coke set38*3769929278197169169Sump gasket set (short/long)21123438193438/53*38/53*53Front crank seal18188888888Rear crank seal22/35*1711 (c)11 (c)11 (c)11 (c)11 (c)11 (c)11 (c)Manifold to head gaskets5175559999Overhaul gasket set (short/long)122*91144167167126187*/240187*/240187/240Piston ring set per piston19216(4-cyl)50505151517878Piston pin & rings100139118118252184184267267Main bearing set69607014814870148148148Thrust bearing set2012121212121212Big end bearing set28319013513590135135135Intake valve (early/late)/812*/1725*/3525*/35 25*/3530303030Exhaust valve (early/late)9*/1714*/2022*/2822*/28 22*/2828282828Cylinder head bolt set (early/late)18*/273018426626682127127127Cylinder liner, for repair66575780 (a)5757 (a) (a)Injection pipes, Minmec set (or Bosch)(85)8311511593129129129Jabsco pump to block gasket 6666666*Further information required when ordering this item(a) chrome 100(c) fibre type.Also rubber version 56Injection pumps, injectors, turbochargers, starters and alternators repaired, exchanged or sold outright against part numbers stamped on old units. WATER PUMPS Dorset, 2 oclock inlet with pressed-on pulley 93Dorset, 5 oclock inlet for bolt-on pulley (pulley, 1-groove 56, 2-groove 185) 88Dover, 2 oclock and 5 oclock inlets for bolt-on pulley (1602421)179Dover, dual inlet + outlet with single vee pulley (6089348)168Dover, dual inlet + outlet with poly-vee pulley 186Dover, dual inlet + outlet with 2 groove pulley 277Change pressed-on pulley onto new pump30FSD FWP141448Otosan dual inlet + outlet, poly-V pump York, 2401E, repair only from 145XLD 1800 FWP 1465, 72mm rotor53XLD 1800 FWP 1736, 79mm rotor76Trader 4D, 6D, 590, 592E, Lehman 4D220 9 oclock inlet (E15010)97FUEL LIFT PUMPS Dorset, diaphragm type, also Lehman, Dover 683F 9350 AA38Dorset, Bosch plunger type0.440.004.067287Repair kits for main body of Bosch, with new primer39Dorset, aftermarket replacesBosch 26D100379 Centre mount oil pump, Dover & Otosan, horizontal plunger type 966T673AA97OIL PUMPS Dover UK dual inlet water pump Centre-mounted for Dorset & Dover Industrial215Front-mounted Dover & Otosan375FSD (LP2282)119XLD1800 (LP2262) 120NOTES2704ET engines with chrome liners require a special head gasket. P.O.A. All prices are given for standard sized components. Under- and over-sized components are available, though prices may vary. Take care with main bearing sizes as some blocks are line-bored over-size.Parts also available for other Ford, Perkins and Cummins engines. Front mounted oil pump Dorset 2 oclock pumpFord Dorset 6 Dorset/Dover injection pipes Fuel lift pump replaces BoschFord 4 cylinder de-coke set diaphragm fuel lift pumpV.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'