b'Sterngear, shafts, seals & rudders Data Book Page 17Sterngear , shafts, seals & ruddersSHAFTS, TUBES AND BEARINGSNETT BOATBUILDERSHAFT SIZE"1"/25mm 1"/30mm1"/40mm1"/45mm2"/50mm2"2"Sterntube Aft Bearing Assembly, with Cutless Threaded, scoop-type Bronze, Bolt-in165185275356400525665 Steel, Weld/Cement-in6679102123180247265Press-on keel-post mounting flange for rear of Brass/GRP Sterntube45464949Sterntubing, per 30cm, extraH.G. Steel1518243846G.R.P., to Glass-in or Cement-in, (0.6m or 1.2m only)1616183030Brass3144445866778390Clamp-on bulkhead mounting flange for front of Brass/GRP Sterntube 33344255Thread one end of brass tube for seal or bearing52525252666666Solid, bolt-in, screw-on bearing and gland*121192227276414450520Screw-on bulkhead mounting flange for front of Brass Sterntube727489121161Flexible Seal Assemblies Bronze Rubber-necked Gland*215179205222237273330474Nylon Rubber-necked Gland140142157Phenolic rubber-necked gland, Canal, with greaser626572798895Phenolic rubber-necked gland, River, with water feed616471778693Deep Sea Seal Assembly incl. H.S. insert (set)192 (2)226 (5)248 (7)259 (8)271 (9)429 (11) 519 (13)P-Bracket and bearing Bronze, Glass-in, with Cutless245270350428509575821Mild steel P-bracket boss & phenolic bearing90108132153189261294Intermediate Shaft Bearing586995105121183223376Cutless bearing, phenolic casing, std. sizes2430364451638798Cutless bearing, brass casing, std. sizes353844626889111135Cutless bearing, brass casing, with small outside diameter4146667492117127Propeller Shaft Tapered/Plain, type F51 Stainless Steel,with Keys, Washer and Nut, 0.9m Long160183212268314388478576Shafting, per 30cm extra (up to 3m total. Longer P.O.A.)814233345607592 Extra for Forward End Taper and Nut8999119128147166178Spare key, brass (size) 6(3 16 ")7(")8(5 16 ")9(3 8 ")12(7 16 ")14(")23(5 8 ")23(5 8 ")Spare shaft nut, U.N.C. thread, bronze, hexagon (size)8(")8(5 8 ")18(7 8 ")22(1")22(1")26(1")33(1")33(1")Propeller Shaft Clamp-on anodes, H.D. Zinc/Aluminium22/723/723/832/1066/1766/1770/3683/38Stripper Propeller Shaft Rope Cutter (Blades) 364(2)414(3)492(3) 492(3)/847(3) 847(3)847(3)847(3)847(3)R&D rope cutter133142153153160160Rudder TubeBronze, Glass-in with O-Ring Seal*83100119136158Steel, Cement/Weld-in with Nylon Bearing and Top Bush133163197227258290306G.R.P. with Nylon Bearing and Top Bush7392104129147191238Bronze bush and cutless bearing in lieu of nylon in either steel or GRP tubes, extra *76838895102Tiller Arm, Keywayed Clamp-on117117117208208P.O.A.P.O.A.*Remote Greaser Kit required with these items 57 Gland packing, per foot (size)2(")3(5 16 ")5(3 8 ")7(")10(5 8 ")Larger sizes and other metric sizes available. Prices on application. RUDDERS AND STOCKS Data Book Page 22 BLADE SIZE (cms) 20x3025x3830x4638x5645x66Mild Steel Rudder Blade with Welded-on Stainless Steel Stock185210247300358Stainless Steel Rudder Blade with Welded-on Stainless Steel Stock204277331472674Extra for bottom spigot, welded on49494949Extra for 1" square, welded on top40404040Rubber necked gland44 Deep sea seal Stern tube and cutless bearing Rudder stock and bladeV.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'