b'Castings, Bellhousings, mounts & outlets BOATBUILDER PRICESCastings, Bellhousings, mounts & outletsBELL HOUSINGS FACED FOR500PRICESMOUNTS ENGINEB/W ZF5M-15 PRM 120/150260 7501000 HOUSINGREAR FRONT B.M.C. 1.5YY**YY335INC210B.M.C. 1.8YY**YY335INC170B.M.C. 2.2 2.5Y**Y**Y348INC154BMC 3.8 5.7YYY319INC147Chevrolet, I-4, V-6, V-8, & DieselY295117166Ford FSD & 2400 YorkYYYA347INC135Ford XLDYYYY**335INC129Ford 2700 2720Y239147154* Ford 2700 & 2720/PRM 500 & 750Ford 2700 2720YYY335147154*Ford 2700 heavy flywheelY361147154*Ford 2700 heavy flywheel, thick faceYY380147154*Ford 2700 2720TO SAE 3335147154*GardnerYYYY646267277GardnerTO SAE 2/3646267277Izusu 2.8Y510N/AN/ALand RoverY**Y**Y321INCN/AMercedes 180YYY335INCN/AMercedes 190 220 240 300 YYY259INC131 Ford XLD/B-WMercedes 352 auto or ind.TO SAE 3511N/A128New Holland DieselTO SAE 3306INC144Perkins 4-108YYY469INC102Perkins 4-203 4-236 6-354 Y718INC124Perkins 4-236 6-354 2-PCE YYY551INC124Peugeot XD2 TO 5YYY**387INC104Peugeot XUD/205YY**Y446INC218*Rover V-8Y302N/AN/ARover Montego & MaestroY**YY343INC141** ALSO RE-MOUNTS ALTERNATOR**55 extraA = requires adaptorAny non-listed engine; Cut, weld and re-face existing automotive aluminium bell housing 168 Perkins 4-108/Hurth-ZFINJECTION OUTLETS FM160 PE180 MB180 MB220 VW150 FM180 FM200 BL180 BL250 55***FM240 MB300 PG21078***FM440 450 452 660 66283PE390 PE580 GM370 GM55083MB380 MB570 BL380 BL57095FM420 422 620 62295Volvo D70, Turbo-sub, FM402, FM602, 45 down-angle130Gardner 6LX 6LXB240***45 Degree down-angle also available, similar fitments,92OTHER MOUNTING BRACKETS Ford 2700 LH incl. alt mount*84 Outlet FM660 Outlet FM240 Outlet BL180 45Ford 2700 RH77Cummins B series, pair, front193 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS Ford 180 cross-over duct118Ford 180 Turbo to charge cooler duct10951mm to 76mm offset or elbow air duct59Thermostat housing cover, Ford Single77Thermostat housing cover, Ford Dual88 Thermostat housing cover, Ford single 2" x 3" elbow ductXLD Vacuum pump aperture cover69XLD Intake manifold225Thermostat housing cover, Perkins 4-99/10875XLD vacuum pumpNHD front mount brackets and rubbers Mercedes front mount brackets and rubbers 2" x 3" offset ductaperture cover 37 V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'