b'Controls, steering systems & Bennett trim tabsPRICESControls, steering systems & Bennett trim tabs Throttle and shift control, single lever, side mount, flush, for 2x33c/C2 cablesB85165Throttle and shift control, single lever, top mount, for 2x33c/C2 cables140Throttle and shift control, dual engines, single levers, top mount, for 4x33c/C2 cables236Throttle and shift control, dual engines, single levers, top mount, for 2x33c/C2 cables with electric gearbox control switches(single engine 180)386Dual Station connection unit for push speed control26Dual Station connection unit for gearshift, with station selector, excluding cable78Throttle and shift control with friction brake/detent for 2x33c/C2/40XL cables(NB Twin)410Two lever control, top mount for 2x33c/C2 cables(CQS 2)236Single lever top mount control for 33c/C2 cable(CQS)140Single lever side mount control for 33c/C2 cable(CQST)58Two ;ever side mount control for 2x33c/C2 cables(CQST 2)114Dual cable shiftcable connectionSpeed or shift cable C2 up to 10ft long (1 per 1ft extra, 20ft max)26Stop cable or latch cable 10ft long with end fittings (1 per 1ft extra 30ft max) 43Speed or shift cable 33c, up to 15ft long (2 per 1ft extra, 40ft max)32Zero-lash control cables C-0 20ft long (3 per 1ft extra, 56ft max)66Ball joint, for 33c/C0/C2 cables 4-L7024Clamp and shim for 33c/C0/C2 cables 4-L1414Speed and stop control attachment kit for Ford 2700/2720 Series, rear entry61Speed control attachment kit adaptable for Ford XLD or FSD17Speed control kit for 4 and 6 cylinder Ford 2700/2720 Series, front entry48Speed control attachment kit, Gardner (for 40XL)44Speed and stop connection for Perkins 4-10865Dual cable adaptation kit for pull speed controlsextra 25STEERING SYSTEMS Data Book Page 20 Hydra LD20-32x178Steering system, with hoses, excl. wheel621extra for LD28 helm head in lieu of LD2092LD28 helm head Dual engine single leverDual throttle pull typeHydra LD28-40x178Steering system, with hoses, excl. wheel761top mount control head cable connections Hydra LD28-40x228Steering system, with hoses, excl. wheel841extra for LD39 helm head in lieu of LD28148LD39-50x230Steering system, with hoses, excl. wheel1165 LD39-50x300Steering system, with hoses, excl. wheel1204extra forLD45 in lieu of LD39100extra for HD68 Marsili helm head in lieu of LD39337Hydra LD28 Second station kit, with hoses and connections550Hydra LD39 Second station kit, with hoses and connections697Marsili HD68 Second station kit, with hoses and connections1031Steering wheel Control cable Steering wheels, various stylesfrom 88Ball joint, 5 8 " UNF male shank, 5 8 " I.D., for tie-bar ends22Cylinder by-pass valve and 2 Tee connections36TRIM TABS Data Book page 22 Steering ram Bennett trim tab kits, complete system Width30cm45cm60cm75cm90cm120cm30cm chord499525550575(Dual Ram) 722963Second station control and harness 20ft110Additional rams and connections, per pair, with hydraulic tees15524V motor pump in lieu of 12V19Additional relay for use with long cables78Electronic tab position indicator and control kit, with cable, in lieu of standard359Second station indicator/control240Trim Tab Kit complete, less plates424Automatic tab retractor75Add-on hatch lifter ram kit. 18" stroke309Additional hatch lifter ram130Dual independent ram hatch lifter and pump kit619Spare 12V motor-pump-reservoir assembly325Spare cylinder and connection (with Trimmaster bottom bracket 99)89Extra H.D. aluminium plates to take single S/S rams or 2 or 3 standard rams,custom made, up to 60cm x 60cm, in lieu of standardpair, from - 19536 Bennett trim tab kitV.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'