b'Starters, alternators & battery cables NETT PRICESStarters, alternators & battery cablesSTARTER MOTORS, NEW, STANDARD ROTATION BOATBUILDER ENGINE TYPES12v E. Rtn12v Ins Rtn24v Ins RtnFord XLD 1600 & 1800110867102Ford Transit York & FSD 2.5110461163Ford 4D, 2700 and 2720 series,110465188, top solenoid 980* (co-ax)1220* (co-ax)Ford 4D, 2700 and 2720 series110462160 side solenoid370 (GC)285, E.Rtn OTOFord 4D, 2700 and 2720 series113380MC214, bottom solenoid285, E.Rtn.Ford and New Holland, H.D., 4Kw87755550266, bottom solenoid980* (co-ax)1224* (co-ax)Ford 2700/2720 series starter motor Perkins Prima, 2873B059112277392Perkins Perama, 18508632111055299Perkins 4-236 & 6-354110443160BMC 1.5N.A. *BMC 1.8110444182BMC 3.4 to 5.7 & 98 series110572128980 *1224*Yanmar 119733-77010113207264Yanmar 119733-77200113207264* Most of these starters can be rebuilt at lower pricesOther makes, models and variations are availableALTERNATORS, NEWBOATBUILDER12v, 55A, earth return,(mount AC5 type 180 degree)110105187Alternator 12v, 55A, earth return,mount R.H1107708312v, 70A, earth return, mount L.H.11117695 double lug12v, 70A, earth return,mount R.H.1108919212v, 70A, earth return,mount 180 degree11050514112v, 70A, earth return,mount 3 position11049718712v, 75, earth return,mount 180 degree11050514112v, 100A, earth return11271816012v, 70A, insulated return, (Perkins 135-265)11211219012v, 90A, insulated return,11315221412v, 90A, insulated return,113631218Alternator LH Alternator RH 24v, 45A, earth return,11217014624v, 60A, earth return,mount 180 degree11265720224v, 60A, earth return,11141920724v, 70A, earth return, mount L.H.11318816024v, 75A, large case, earth return11216014824v, 35A, insulated return 11354916724v, 55A, insulated return mount R.H.11151018824v, 55A, insulated return, (as AC5R Holder arm 76mm)11129527524v, 55A, insulated return, (as AC5R Holder arm 51mm)11347717924v, 80A, insulated return 180 degree mount112189188Accessories for above alternatorsPulley Single groove, Bore 17mm, O.D. 84mm, V 12.513755211Pulley FSD13635012Pulley XLD Bore 17mm, O.D. 56mm, 4 groove13552012Pulley 8 groove, Bore 17mm, O.D. 63mm23216410Propeller shaft alternator kit, 12v, 22A low-speed cut-in at 950 RPM482Fitting kit to suit selected gearbox or Stringer mountP.O.A.Kit to suit ZF10M-15M, including belt and pulley 315Battery switch, 4 position ACCUSCH76Battery Switch on/off 200A continuous 18161420Shaft alternator assembly, fitted toBattery cable and terminals BATTERY CABLE & TERMINALS ZF10 gearbox 50mm cross sectional area per metre1370mm cross sectional area per metre1895mm cross sectional area per metre24Ring terminal connections 50mm M6 (2 per set)5Ring terminal connections 70mm M6, M8 & M10 (2 per set)7Ring terminal connections 95mm M8, M10 & M12 (2 per set)11Battery post terminal connections 50-95mm (2 per set) 190866/86713Battery switch, 4 position(on/off 250A 181614 24)78Battery switch Battery isolator switch, on/off34V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'