b'Diesel fuel system, pumps, parts & injectorsNETT PRICESDiesel fuel system, pumps, parts & injectors FUEL INJECTION PUMPS, RECONDITIONED, EXCHANGE2720 series injection pumpP5525-4B 6 cyl in-line 200HP 2720 series Dover turbo1150P5182-1A 6 cyl in-line 135HP 2725E Dover non-turbo995P5732-1 4 cyl in-line 85HP 2722E Dover non-turbo795Core charge, pending return of old unit250Most model injection pumps can be reconditioned. Price dependent on parts and labour required.DE-SMOKING KIT BOATBUILDER PRICESFord turbocharged engines 150300hp 6 cylinder, to reduce white smoke on start up, including re-calibration of injection pump792 FUEL LIFT PUMPSCummins 6BTA (818D2052)72Ford 2.4 Litre York(279D2031)32Ford 2.5Litre DI transit090197 (521D2048)27Ford 2700 or 2720 series, diaphragm type(276D2030)30Ford 2720 Horizontal Plunger(966T9350AA)97BMC 1.5(176D2017)26 2725E Otosan lift pumpBMC 2.2 & 2.5 (211D2021)34BMC 4/98 6/98(171D2015)2912v or 24v electric fuel lift pump, up to 300HP, 3 8 " BSP, AS306560/6243INJECTORS We require injector number to quote in detail.Most injectors can be reconditioned, from 55 Ford injectorNozzles only, loose items from 60FUEL PRE-FILTERS Fuel line filter and bowl with re-usable filter element 8mm push on connections.(Metal bowl 5 extra)25Fuel line filter assembly Type 500, no spill element change, clear bowl, water drain, 8mm pipe or 10mm hose fittings and re-cleanable element. 69Replacement element paper 8Spare re-cleanable element 20Fuel Filter with hand primer M14(090203)63Water separator " UNF(090146)46Filter only, " UNF(090194)48 Fuel hosesFilter and Water separator, " UNF (090404)57FUEL FILTER ELEMENTSBOATBUILDER PRICES296 (P917X, 522, C1191PL, 6149716, 7235770)4EFG87 (Ford FSD) EFG319, PSS96015500 type filter assemblyPARTS Non Return Valves with ", 5 16 " or8 " hose barb connection 080786 8 Electric fuel pumpNon return valve + T piece for inland waterways compliance injector leak off.50Flexible armoured hoses 60cm long to ISO 7840 A1, inland waterways approved" 18516 " (8 mm) 25 8 " 27Hand primer pump Rubber Bulb type (9001-088A) 0807039Hand primer plunger type, " UNF (091159)26Hand primer plunger type, M14 X 1.5 (080071)26Hand primer pump, with mounting, New Holland, 40 series, 8222145 Fuel non-return valve kit 12 volt thermostartFuel pump control solenoids,from 65Inland Waterways low pressure fuel pipe kit, to suit remote-mounted fuel filter, including feed and return hoses and NRV assemblyFord XLD 138Ford FSD 160Glow plugsFROM 13Thermostart 2666103 electric fuel valve and igniter coil, 12v (24v 26)16FUEL ADDITIVES Fuel Doctor, Conbined injector cleaner, upper cylinder lubricant, moisture and microbial dispersant500ml to treat 200 litres201 litre to treat 400 litres36Fuel doctor 33V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'