b'Air & water intake strainers & miscellaneous parts BOATBUILDER PRICESAir & water intake strainers & miscellaneous partsWATER INTAKE AND STRAINERSHose Size 16mm22mm 28mm 32mmBronze, tonval, plain skin fitting, DZR ball valve, internal strainer, and hose tail 110140218314Polypropylene plan skin fitting seacock, internal strainer with hose tail for steel and ferro hulls97120211Bronze, tonval, combined external skin fitting and strainer, DZR ball valve and hose tail435172107Stainless steel high speed skin fitting and back nut ready for hose5188Plastic water filter with 19, 26 and 31mm hose connections (CQ914)27Plastic water filter with 1" BSP connections (CQ915)59AIR STRAINERSSparrow catcher, plain for turbos 50mm bore54Seagull catcher, chrome for turbos 70mm bore67Albatross catcher, plain for turbos 100mm bore114Conical for intake 50mm dia. 80mm high 74mm dia.25Conical for intakes 60 / 63 / 70 / 76mm dia., 155mm high, 118mm dia.35Conical for intakes 60 / 63 / 70 / 76mm dia., 155mm high, 155mm dia.38CONSUMABLE MATERIALS Seagull catcherJOINTING AND SEALING COMPOUNDS Firegum exhaust jointing paste, tube 120g5Universal jointing compound, blue, 85gm8Universal jointing compound, red,85gm tube13Bond-loc stud and bearing fit, 10ml8 LUBRICANTS Seacock and internal strainer assembly Morris K99 marine grease, 500gm tub6Engine oil, 15/40 for diesels, 5 litres, Semi Synthetic24Gear oil, 80/90, 5 litres, Mineral33Automatic transmission fluid, Dextron II, 1 litre AQM7Asset protector anti-corrosion spray, 250ml13Plastic water strainerMISCELLANEOUS Anti siphon vent to fit 18, 22, 25,& 32mm hose plus 2.5m hose and vent fitting73Thermostat Standard8Thermostat by-pass type9Nuts and bolts UNC, UNF up to3/4" & Metric up 14mm diameterP.O.A.Studding UNF, UNC, MetricP.O.A.Stainless Hose clips Hi Torque heavy duty 12mm to 45mm3Stainless Hose clips Hi Torque heavy duty 50mm to 85mm4Morris K99 marine grease Stainless Hose clips Hi Torque heavy duty 90mm to 130mm5Engine Paint, Royal Blue 1 litre tin RAL 500218Engine jacket water circulation pump rebuild service, From165Engine sump pump with hoses to go down dipstick tube 19Engine sump pump " BSP female / 3 8 " BSP male 35Asset protector Anti Corrosion SprayHi-torque clips 32 ISIS ball valves Engine sump pump& 3 8BSP New cone air filter Anti-siphon ventV.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'