32 Electrical and instrumentation Electrical and instrumentation BOATBUILDER PRICES 4m wiring harness and plug connection £94 4m extension harness (2m £45, 8m £89) £57 Push button for horn or other function £8 Start/run switch and 2 keys (with heat position (40580/181235) £23) £14 Warning light with 12v or 24v bulb £6 Harness, start/run switch, 3 warning lights and starter relay £139 HD relay for 24v starter on two 12v batteries with 12v alternator 180290 £176 Run/stop solenoid, 12v, with internally switched hold coil, STD. (24v £107) £95 Run/stop solenoid, 12v, with internally switched hold coil, H.D. (24v £135) £191 Tachometer, 0/4000RPM, alternator or perception sensed with hour counter £56 * Tachometer, 0/5000RPM, perception sensor type (F) £99 Perception sensor and harness, or tacho generator, insulated return £75 Hand held digital tachometer £80 Temperature gauge £19 sender with warning switch £10 Gauge & sender £29 Oil pressure gauge £19 sender with warning switch £18 Gauge & sender £37 Pressure sender, 5 BAR, insulated return, euro characteristic £67 Fuel gauge £19 Sender 300mm £33 450mm £40 600mm £47 Adjustable £56 Boost pressure gauge, digital with sender for ¹/8" NPT connection £50 Gearbox pressure gauge 40 BAR £19 Sender £33 Gauge & sender £52 Water tank level sensor and changeover switch for fuel gauge £78 Battery voltmeter, digital 8-32v £19 * 4-in-1 temperature, oil pressure, tank level & 12v meter, with senders (F) £176 Engine hour meter 6/12/24v (F) £51 Ammeter (F) £28 * Rudder angle indicator with sender £135 All senders are earth return, except for fuel or as indicated * All instruments are for 12-24v DC operation, except * which are 12v only Items identified (F) do not match the remainder of the instrument faces Standard instrument panel for 1 large and 4 small instruments £65 Round panel and 3¾" chrome plated brass bezel £92 Flybridge round panel and bezel with 3 warning lights, re-start button, 2-channel alarm and harness to main station £218 0/600PSI gearbox pressure gauge, direct mounting £77 Intake blockage sensing alarm kit £89 Over-temperature sensing switch, earth return (insulated return £17) £15 Oil pressure switch, earth return (insulated return, adjustable £43) £10 Oil pressure nipple & tee £5 2 channel warning siren, 12-24v £29 “Smart” digital 12v alternator regulator for full charging of domestic batteries, waterproof (24v £185) £117 Charge amplifier for 1 or 2 alternators with single or split output 12v, 80A £283 12v, 130A, £322 12v, 300A, £575 24v, 80A, £322 24v, 200A, £653 Load-split relay for combined charging of 2 separated batteries, up to 70A £10 Heavy-duty load-split relay for up to 200A FR166 £17 110/230v battery charger 12v 10A output Type ULTRA £205 110/230v battery charger 12v 30A output Type ULTRA £292 110/230v battery charger 24v 20A output Type ULTRA £390 24v DC to 12v DC, 70A converter/battery charger £78 12v DC to 24v DC, 40A converter/battery charger £361 12v or 24v inverter 230v 1800w output £312 12v or 24v inverter 230v 2700w output £312 230v battery charger, 12v, 55A output combined with 230v, 2500W inverter £971 230v battery charger, 24v, 25A output combined with 230v, 2500W inverter £971 Hand held digital tachometer Smart digital regulator Tachometer Oil pressure gauge and sender Temperature gauge and sender Run/stop solenoids, H.D. & standard Insturment panel, empty, 280mm x 230mm Engine half wiring harness Instrument panel with half harness INSTRUMENT PANELS INSTRUMENTATION PARTS Economy. 95mm round panel, with start/run switch and 3 warning lights, engine sensors, 4m harness and alarm sounder £209 Cruising. Harness and panel etc., with tachometer with hour counter, temperature, oil pressure,battery volts and choice of fuel level or boost or gearbox pressure gauges. £365 * Big two. Similar functions to ‘cruising’, but using tachometer and matching multi-function instrument that includes fuel gauge. £425 Assemble panel and wire any of above £70 V.A.T. extra on all prices Phone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com