b'Turbocharger and exhaust partsNETT PRICESTurbocharger and exhaust parts TURBOCHARGERS NewCummins Part Number 3802886 for 6CTA, 3538623450HP 1122Ford Part Number 876F6K682GAA, 3521538 for Dover/Dorset150HP536Ford Part Number 35242011B / 53269886491/3523677 180/212HP612H-type replacement for 3LD on Ford 250HP, 3525554785Adapter flanges for H-type turbos for Ford LD Oil pipes, pair48Mercruiser Part Number 882562/882562 for 120hp 1.7litre 895Mermaid Part Number 826F68KAA, 3518002, 3599051200-275HP785Adaptation air hose & air intake strainer for 3599051to replace 3518002855Perkins Part Number SAB33068 for M225 / 265 452071-0022 855 Turbocharger Mercruiser 882562Volvo Part Number 861260 for KAD42 5326.9886.497794Volvo Part Number 3581012 for TAMD43 5326.9886.750897Volvo Part Number 3581528 for TAMD32 5326.9886.016934Other units available. Please advise part numbers from turbocharger labelRepair/exchange service for most older turbochargers,from 495Exhaust outlet with flapTURBOCHARGER PARTSBOATBUILDER V clamps76mmO.D. Flange3878mm O.D. Flange Cummins 39036524089mm O.D. Flange4292mm O.D. Flange Perkins 24819423094mm O.D. Flange44122mm / 131mm O.D. Flange49GasketsTurbo to Manifold Dry Flange TS2026Turbo to Manifold Water cooled Flange Ford / Perkins 3685331923 4" Turbo outletTurbo to Manifold Water cooled Flange Cummins 392192649Turbo to Manifold Water cooled Flange Ford FSD Fibre19 Exhaust water trap AFTurbo to Outlet 4 bolt round TS0298Turbo to Outlet 6 bolt round TS0158Turbo to Outlet 6 bolt round Perkins 334155098Turbo to Outlet 4 / 6 bolt round Fibre Perkins 5007010Turbo Gasket and Studd Kit Holset 3LD FK000419EXHAUST INJECTION OUTLETSBOATBUILDERStainless steel with water connection, made to sample, 1014 days delivery3" Bore Exhaust for bolted or flanged turbochargersfrom 2564" Bore Exhaust for bolted or flanged turbochargersfrom 2945" Bore Exhaust for bolted or flanged turbochargersfrom 308 Turbocharger heat shield Turbocharger Vee clamp4" to replace 2 piece Perkins T6-354 & HT6-354 parts, angled as sample 395 EXHAUST SYSTEMSBOATBUILDERHose Size2"3"4"5"Stainless steel pipe, per 30cm12151830Hose for wet exhaust, per 30cm, TX10151824Hose for wet exhaust, per 30cm, Soft, without wire121720Stainless steel, extra heavy duty hose clamps, per pair (other sizes available)(1") 1314202336Exhaust water trap, black, AF 2-05051, 2-05054, 2-0505562166180Exhaust water trap, standard, LP124158Exhaust water trap, extra large, round, NLP/MGP162241582582Exhaust back-flow preventer, LT 72 (AF)224265265In-line plastic silencers, MP91152274Stainless steel pipe bend112239Exhaust outlet, rubber, TRCR60137Exhaust outlet, stainless steel, standard type AS6691118Exhaust outlet, stainless steel, with built-in rubber flap, TRCSV70104157274Exhaust outlet, synthetic, with built-in rubber flap, TRCPV/TC 3365107145Rubber flap to fit plain end exhaust pipes AS14162045Stainless steel flexible bellows, with overbraiding12" long BSP male ends 1" 31(2") 54(2") 149(3") P.O.A. Dry silencers with BSP threaded ends1 BSP x 22 502" x 30 85Dry exhaust bellowsHeat resistant wrapping tape for exhaust systems, 2" wide (10m roll 39, 6/metre)3" wide (10m roll 57, 9/metre) 29 V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'