b'Bowman parts BOATBUILDER PRICESBowman partsBODIES For Oil Coolers EC10-783-2 (184mm long) (Perkins 24860090) for EC10045EC12-783-3 (270mm long) for EC12054FC8-1200-1 (180mm long) for FC8089FC10-1200-2(266mm long) for FC100119FC12-1200-3(363mm long) for FC120144FG8-1650-1 (266mm long) for FG80195FG10-1650-3(363mm long) for FG100238FG12-1650-3(472mm long) for FG120267For Heat exchangersPS2-215for FH140, (Perkins 24860120)443PH1for FH270, (Perkins 24860124) 428XF1-2103 for FH220375TH2-2104for FH320516 2645 air cooler, body 2645 air cooler, bodyTH6-2929for FH420A spec 752, B spec 627XF2-3453for FH440339For Air coolersPD1-1338CIfor 2644 and 2645 (Perkins 24860144) cast iron **335TH15-2927for 2934-3 (180HP Ford, 2704ETI) 248EC059for EC140 (Ford Puma)105FG017for FG100 (Ford FSD)244all bodies are suffixed -AL for Aluminium, except where marked**TUBESTACKS For Oil Coolers 785 2TN1A (EC100 76mm Dia X 192mm) (Perkins 24860093)128785 3TN1A (EC120 76mm Dia x 278mm)162 FH 140 body1530 2TNIA (FC100 95mm Dia x 278mm)2551530 3TN1A (FC120 95mm Dia x 376mm)3091959 2TN1A (FG100 114mm Dia x 376mm)3151959 3TNIA (FG120 114mm Dia x 504mm)375For Heat exchanger/manifolds514-525TN1 51mm Dia x 525mm long 331518-600TN1 51mm Dia x 600mm long350518-693TN1 51mm Dia x 693mm long 458518-941TN1 51mm Dia x 941mm long 725674-947TN1 67mm Dia x 947mm long 766For Heat exchangersFH 420A body95mm Dia x length278mm376mm504mm 650mm1530/3445-2/3/4/5255309366416114mm Dia x length376mm504mm650mm828mm 1959/3446-2/3/4/5315375444541Tubestacks with tie rod holes are also availableNut and washer for tie-rod unitssmall 9medium 13large 15For Air coolers1448-2TN1B (2644/2645 Perkins 24860123)4683446-3TNIB (2934-3 Ford 180HP)3753445 3TN2B (4052 Ford FSD TCM TI) 309 EC tube stackGASKETS OUTLETS MB180, PE180 (Old type), VW1504BL180, BL250, FM180, LR250, MB220, MB3004FM240, FM242, PG2104PE1807FM420, FM422, FM620, FM622, GM7607 Tie rod nuts and sealing ringsFM450, FM452, FM660, FM662, FM7107BL380, BL570, PE390, PE5807FM402, FM6027 ** whilst stocks lastFM 240 tubestack 514- and 525TNI- FM402, 420,240, 180 gaskets 27V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'