b'Bowman parts BOATBUILDER PRICESBowman partsRUBBER END COVERS 22mm28mm32mmOil cooler end cap, straight. part no. 3365NP 3366NP 3367NP10 Oil cooler end cap, elbow. part no. 2680NP 3187NP 3716NP10 Heat exchanger end cap, small, straightpart no. 3251NP 3667NP14Heat exchanger end cap, small, elbowpart no. 2679NP 3186NP14Heat exchanger end cap, large, elbowpart no. 3192NP21KK manifold end cappqrt no. 3419NP14Blank cap 45mm I.D.part no. 2981NP10Blank cap 50mm I.D.part no. 3419MOD20BRASS END COVERS C clamp FG3 end cover For Oil Coolers EC2-2479NBHose tail 45mm Straight, for EC39EC3-1040NB Threaded " BSP, for EC49EC29-3230NBHose tail 32mm Straight, for EC39EC33-784NB Threaded 1" BSP, for EC48EC53-3237NB Hose tail 32mm 90 Degree, for EC48EC35-3632NBBlank for EC48EC34-3631NBTwin " BSP, for EC72FC2-1108NB Hose tail 58mm, for FC85FC3-1281NB Threaded 1" BSP, for FC87FC3-1281NBThreaded 2" BSP, for FC87FG36-27404 Bolt, hosetail, 58mm for FG121FG7-2802NB 4 Bolt Threaded 2" BSP, for FG121EC end cover 32mm, straight EC end cover 1" B.S.P. Above also available in Cast Iron and AluminiumFor Heat exchangers** whilst stocks lastDT33-1675NB **(threaded), for EH heat exchangers49PS18-753/754/3093 NB for FH small heat exchanger100 PS19-3090/2812NBfor FH small heat exchanger100PX2-864/2538/3045NBfor FH small heat exchanger123TH08-881/3046/3090NB for FH small heat exchanger120GL3-3141NBfor GH heat exchanger173C Clamps 3436for FH small heat exchanger13C Clamps 3437for FH large heat exchanger15O RINGS, NITRILEPer pairOS37NT51.8mm I.D. for FM402, 6025PS 18 & PS 19 end covers AN12NT76mm I.D. for EC oil coolers7OS41NT76mm I.D. for EH220, 3207OS46NT95mm I.D. for FC and FH210, 220, 4407OS52NT114mm I.D. for FG and FH140, 320, 380, 42011OS63NT146mm I.D. for GL, GH14OS69NT178mm I.D. for GK, KH21OS74NT210mm I.D. for JK, JH28OS81NT254mm I.D. for PK, PH33Filler necks FILLER CAPSFLANGED HOSE CONNECTIONSFiller cap, small 2753 10 FH100-400 to 45mm hose 1724-25Filler cap, large 274714 FH100-400 to 57mm hose 1724-48HOSE CLAMPSNECKS AND INSERTS N0312 (20-45mm)5 Solder-on filler neck, small 27556N0237 (50-80mm)5 Solder-on filler neck, large 275010N0450 (90-130mm)7 Screw-in filler neck, small 3921-120Screw-in filler neck, large 3921-229Filler caps, large & small OTHER MAKE RUBBER END COVERSnettA3 / 635 Polar3" oil cooler, 28mm straight32A3 / 636 Polarlarge manifold, 28mm elbow42A3 / 703 Polarsmall manifold, blanking cap21A3 / 722 Polaruse A3 / 783A3 / 727 Polar55mm oil cooler, 22mm straight12A3 / 728 Polar55mm cooler, 28mm straight12A3 / 783 Polarsmall manifold, 22mm elbow20RM75H Sprinter 75mm tubestack, angled or straight28FM-DTN-EK 2-pipe, DTN Peugeot49Polar end cover A3 636 Bowman end covers 2679 & 3186 FM-DTN-K 1-pipe, DTN Peugeot4726 FM-DTN-S U-bend, DTN Peugeot53V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'