b'Perkins diesel engine repair parts NETT BOATBUILDER PRICESPerkins diesel engine repair partsPERKINS4.99, 4.107 & 4.108 Alternator 12v 70 Amp (2871A601 NLA) Use 110891115Exhaust injection outlet for 4.108 5 stud manifold108Filter element, Fuel26561117 (296)4Filter element, Fuel old type 30242, Length 74mm small element4Filter,Oil early type 26540154, Length 122mm 4Filter,Oil late type long2654403, Length 130mm7Filter,Oil late type short (79mm W714/2)10Filter, Oil spin on conversion kit48Hose FH140 to Exhaust manifold replacement 3483312142Housing thermostat,LM Type (was 37735421)75Alternator 12v 70 Amp O ring Kit Serck heat exchanger 24865061, 24865062, 241583617Pump, Fresh water with pulley and belt for 4-108 (Aftermarket)104Pump, Fresh water 4.107 U5MW0043108Pump, Fresh water 4.108 U5MW005475Pump, Fresh water 31145821106Spin-on oil filter conversionPulley for fresh water pump 31145821109assembly Pump, Fuel lift, Perkins 4.108 2 bolt flange ULPK001138Pump, Fuel lift, Perkins 4-108 4 bolt flange ULPK001425Pump, Sea water 3270-200328Pulley Crankshaft 1147637 (LM made to order)165Housing Stat,LM Type Starter Motor 12v 112277, Marine Original, (check, may vary)392Aftermarket parts Core plug set153720-200 raw water pump for 4-108 Gasket rocker cover Nitrile15Relief Valve kit, Oil Pressure17Valve Train Overhaul kit109Overhaul repair kit, Seal and gasket kit, pistons, liners, bearings462PERKINS PERAMA M30 Exhaust outlet Perama M30, Perkins 135616660, Volvo MD2030 222Exhaust outlet Perama,aftermarket in St St. fits Volvo MD2030 150Filter element, Fuel4429491(was130366120)74-108 fresh water pump Filter, Oil140517050 (was 140516190)4Gasket exhaust outlet 3149900304Heat exchanger manifold casing only 135606180154Pump, Fresh water145016474 (was 145016473)119Pump,Sea water 29450-1231 Pump, Fuel lift Perkins 13050614038Pump,Sea water 29450-1231 (was 145016941)355Starter Motor 12v 185086321 (110552)99Pump, Fuel Lift, 4 bolt flange Heat exchanger manifold casing M30 Starter Motor 12v 112277Starter Motor 12v 18508632116V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'