b'Cummins marinising BOATBUILDER PRICESCummins marinisingCUMMINS CUMMINSCUMMINSCUMMINSCUMMINSCUMMINSCUMMINSCUMMINSPart 4B6B6C4BT/BTA6BT/BTA6BTA-A6CT/CTA6CTA-ANo. INDUSTRIAL INDUSTRIAL INDUSTRIALTURBOTURBOTURBO/INTTURBO/INTTURBO/INT#101103105102104114106112STANDARD HP/RPM (APPROX)80@2800120@2800160@2800100/116153/177235216/234230/290@2500@2500@2500@2200@2500BASIC MARINISING COMPONENTS 03Water pump, mount and drive 49549549549549549549572601Exhaust manifold1548 (y)717 (y)9981548(y)717 (y)715 (y)998998Bowman part no. (LM suffix is not Bowman)CM402LMCM600CM402LMCM600CM60004Heat exchanger490513490570703703Bowman part no.CB120FH300CB120CB140FH400FH40006 Manifold outlet with water connection (size)138 (3") 138 (3")207 (4")205 (3")344 (4")263 (4")344 (4")285 (5")07 Hose & connection kit (inlet size, mm) 248 (28) 248 (28)251 (28)106 (28)248 (28)356 (28)274 (32)u555 (32)u08Heat exchanger mount bracket23N/A2341N/AN/A09 Hose clip kit 4848N/A474879N/AN/AIND Marinising kit using the above components 247721592464 u2401236525192814 u3267 ADDITIONAL PARTS FOR TURBOCHARGED ENGINES 21 Turbocharger heat shield11211211211211222Charge air cooler42842824Air ducts and hoses16116114115319427Manifold/turbo adapter 787828Turbocharger feed & drain pipes 36371227272ATotal, additional parts using the above components309310885343884 IND+ATotal parts needed for turbo base engine26962624336828154099Cummins 4B, 4BT, 6B, 6BT, 6BTA, 6C, 6CTA O.E.Style Exhaust Manifolds Cummins 6B Marinising kit Cummins back end kit and front mount bracketsFLYWHEEL CONNECTIONS & HOUSING COVERS, AS REQUIRED (BACK END KIT) 18 for Borg Warner, Paragon, SternPowr & ZF 45A80582596599 w596602948 w948 w948 w20for P.R.M. (260 for 4B, 500/750 for others) 613672632 w627633604 w632 w632 w31for P.R.M. (500/750 for 4 cyl, 1000 for 6 cyl)613672532 w627633604 w632 w632 w32for ZF 220 & 280 635d648 d654 d648 d654 d807 dw807 dw807 dwCM402LM Manifold/header tank/ heat exchangerCummins heat exchanger6B & 6BT Cummins gasket set 230 Cummins front mount bracketsOTHER COMPONENTS 38 Front mounted brackets & front & rear mount rubbers323 323 180d323323323180 d180 d39Air intake strainer646410964351094010940Manifold outlet with flex connection for dry exhaust151 191 261NOTES dbrackets not includeduPart kit onlywparts are for SAE2 flywheel housing. If SAE3, use parts from #104yOriginal equipment replacement manifolds also available, 760 for 4B, BT, 890 for 6B, BT, 998for 6C, CT. but these are not suitable for these kits. 13V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'