b'Ford diesel engine marinising BOATBUILDER PRICESFord diesel engine marinisingFORD 4-CYL FORD 4-CYLFORD 6-CYLFORD 6-CYLFORD 4-CYLFORD 4-CYLPart For turbocharged Ford engines 2701-12E2722E2703-15E2725EXLD1800FSD2500No. see page 23 D-SeriesCargoD-SeriesCargoEscort/FiestaTransit23 #74 e94 e76 e96 e1329STANDARD HP/RPM (APPROX)68-80@250085@2600106-120@2500127@260050@400070@4000BASIC MARINISING COMPONENTS 02Oil cooler, connections & pipes(x)457 g485 460 g556 g32425403 Jabsco water pump, mount and drive321 a399321 a39928732905Manifold/header tank/heat exchanger1104110415151385573 m724Bowman part no.FM450FM452FM660FM662FM180FM240 h06Manifold outlet with water connection (size)91 (3")91 (3")91 (3")91 (3")53 (2")90 (2")07Hose & connection kit (inlet size mm)140 (28)133 (28)142 (28)246 (28)114 (22)137 (22)08Heat exchanger mount bracket(s)111116166909Hose clip kit323232543663 INDMarinising kit using the above components215622552577279513871598KKKeel cooled marinising kit comprising 05(KK), 07, 08, 09 & 401266125916661733785965Ford 2712 marinising kit Ford FSD marinising kit Ford XLD marinising kitFLYWHEEL CONNECTIONS, BELL HOUSING & REAR MOUNT BRACKETS, AS REQUIRED (BACK END KIT) 18for Borg Warner 71, ZF25 & 25A, Paragon PM & Techno 345A gearboxes506 c506 c496 c496 c45148719 for ZF5M-15M, PRM 120/150 & Techno 60 gearboxes 436477 20for P.R.M. (260 for 4 cyl, 500/750 for 6 cyl)603 c603 c634 c605 c447 k49031for P.R.M. (500/750 for 4 cyl, 1000 for 6 cyl)615 c615 c634 c634 c482Ford 2700/2720 seriesFord XLD back end kit Ford FSD back end kitback end kitFord 2700 mounts andFord XLD front mounts rubbers Ford FSD front mounts and rubbers and rubbersOTHER COMPONENTS 38Front mount brackets & front & rear mount rubbers315 n298 n315 n504 n22826739Air intake strainer3535353527145 h40Manifold outlet with flex connection for dry exhaust152152199199152152NOTESa Use brake pump drive gear, 81, if required.kRequires gearbox input shaft to be shortened by 30mm 35c If heavy flywheel 53 extra. If for 4:1 reduction 53 extra.mBlanking cover kit for vacuum pump aperture 69e Requires modification of original truck sump and pick up 230,nIncludes alternator re-mounting parts.or if originally an upright D-series engine, change of water pump 93.qFit to flywheel 30.fRequires change of oil filter to short one from Escort/Cortina xOil cooler may be deducted if operating speed required is less than gIncludes replacement Spin-on filter assembly. 75% of makers maximum12 h Modify air intake duct on 80ps engines130V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'