b'Ford diesel engine repair parts BOATBUILDER PRICESFord diesel engine repair partsFORD FSD 2.5 litr DIBelt, 4PK1488 / 4PK1510 (can vary)17Cap, oil filler 1018555 (aftermarket type)26Filter, Fuel, EFG87 / WK880 (can vary)18Filter, Oil, W920/32W905011Housing, Thermostat 109399149Injectors, 33408 Blue spot73Injectors, 26964 White spot73Cap, Oil filter 1018555 or 914F6A785 Pump, Fuel lift 2602048 Pump, Fresh water FWP 141459Pump, fuel lift 26D204825Starter motor 12v 110461163Starter motor 24volt163Thermostat FTK028 / CTK005110Timing, Belt kit, PBTK135 (Fits most)68Timing, Belt kit, PBTK218 (Early Type)74Fresh water pump 1414 Fresh water pump 1465 72mm rotor FORD XLD 1.8 Diesel or ENDURA DE on rocker cover Belt,5PK 0890(can vary) 109381618Cap, oil filler (aftermarket)12Cover, Vacum Pump61Filter, Oil W713/198Pump, Fresh water FWP1465 72mm Rotor62Pump, Fresh water FWP1736 79mm Rotor89Starter motor 12volt 110867102Thermostat 108628212Injectors, 26964 white spot Timing, Belt kit, PBTK002 (1.8 DIESEL on cover)96Timing, Belt kit, PBTK016 (ENDURA on cover)90TIMING BELT KITSXLD 1600, PBTK 438 (DIESEL on cover)82Ford York 2.4, with glow plugs, PBTK20868AFTERMARKETBLOCK REPAIR KITS Ford 4 cyl 2712E Complete gasket set, Piston rings Std, Repair Liners, 493Ford 6 cyl 2715E Complete gasket set, Piston rings Std, Repair Liners, 643Starter motor 12v 110867Timing, Belt Kit, PBTK218 Early TypeThermostat FTK028 or CTK0051 Cover, Vacum PumpStarter motor 12v 110461POWER TAKE-OFFS Triple-groove P.T.O. pulley, 127mm diameter, A/B section for 2700 and 2720 with31mm standout from existing crankshaft pulley hub, with studs and nuts.2251/2/3-groove PTO pulley, choice of diameters from 165mm upwards, A-section, close up fitting to existing crankshaft pulley, with bolts, for 2700 series from 205Power take-off pulley Ford 2700/2720 series PTO shaft. similar, for 2720 seriesfrom 2151" shaft to bolt to front of existing crankshaft pulley for Ford 2700 and 2720177MANUALS AND PARTS BOOKS ENGINEXLD*FSD*DORSET*DOVER*N100-280 N400&450EHDPUMAWORKSHOP MANUAL, ENGINE SECTION2020202040402828WORKSHOP MANUAL, ELECTRICAL & FUEL SECTION10102020C.D.C.D.C.D.C.D.QUICK REFERENCE PARTS BOOK10101010* Documents are F10 .O.C. by e-mailV.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'