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Bowman Parts

Rubber End Covers 22mm 28mm 32mm Prices
Oil cooler end cap, straight. part no. 3365NP 3366NP 3367NP £10
Oil cooler end cap, elbow. part no. 2680NP 3187NP 3716NP £10
Heat exchanger end cap, small, straight part no. 3251NP 3667NP £14
Heat exchanger end cap, small, elbow part no. 2679NP 3186NP £14
Heat exchanger end cap, large, elbow part no. 3192NP £21
KK manifold end cap part no. 3419NP £14
Blank cap 45mm I.D. part no. 2981NP £10
Blank cap 50mm I.D. part no. 3419MOD £20

Brass End Coolers For Oil Coolers Description Prices
EC2-2479NB Hose tail 45mm Straight, for EC £39
EC3-1040NB Threaded ¾" BSP, for EC £49
EC29-3230NB Hose tail 32mm Straight, for EC £39
EC33-784NB Threaded 1½" BSP, for EC £48
EC53-3237NB Hose tail 32mm 90 Degree, for EC £48
EC35-3632NB Blank for EC £48
EC34-3631NB Twin ¾" BSP, for EC £72
FC2-1108NB Hose tail 58mm, for FC £85
FC3-1281NB Threaded 1" BSP, for FC £87
FC3-1281NB Threaded 2" BSP, for FC £87
FG36-2740 4 Bolt, hosetail, 58mm for FG £121
FG7-2802NB 4 Bolt Threaded 2½" BSP, for FG £121
Note: Above also available in Cast Iron and Aluminium
Brass End Coolers For Heat exchangers Descriptions Prices
DT33-1675NB ** (threaded), for EH heat exchangers £49
PS18-753/754/3093 NB for FH small heat exchanger £100
PS19-3090/2812NB for FH small heat exchanger £100
PX2-864/2538/3045NB for FH small heat exchanger £123
TH08-881/3046/3090NB for FH small heat exchanger £120
GL3-3141NB for GH heat exchanger £173
C Clamps 3436 for FH small heat exchanger £13
C Clamps 3437 for FH large heat exchanger £15
** whilst stocks last
O Rings, Nitrile Per pair Prices
OS37NT 51.8mm I.D. for FM402, 602 £5
AN12NT 76mm I.D. for EC oil coolers £7
OS41NT 76mm I.D. for EH220, 320 £7
OS46NT 95mm I.D. for FC and FH210, 220, 440 £7
OS52NT 114mm I.D. for FG and FH140, 320, 380, 420 £11
OS63NT 146mm I.D. for GL, GH £14
OS69NT 178mm I.D. for GK, KH £21
OS74NT 210mm I.D. for JK, JH £28
OS81NT 254mm I.D. for PK, PH £33

Filler Cap Prices
Filler cap, small 2753 £10
Filler cap, large 2747 £14
Hose Clamps Prices
N0312 (20-45mm) £5
N0237 (50-80mm) £5
N0450 (90-130mm) £7
Flanged Hose Connections Prices
FH100-400 to 45mm hose 1724-2 £5
FH100-400 to 57mm hose 1724-4 £8
Necks and Inserts Prices
Solder-on filler neck, small 2755 £6
Solder-on filler neck, large 2750 £10
Screw-in filler neck, small 3921-1 £20
Screw-in filler neck, large 3921-2 £29

Other make Rubber End Covers Description Nett
A3 / 635 Polar 3" oil cooler, 28mm straight £32
A3 / 636 Polar large manifold, 28mm elbow £42
A3 / 703 Polar small manifold, blanking cap £21
A3 / 722 Polar use A3 / 783
A3 / 727 Polar 55mm oil cooler, 22mm straight £12
A3 / 728 Polar 55mm cooler, 28mm straight £12
A3 / 783 Polar small manifold, 22mm elbow £20
RM75H Sprinter 75mm tubestack, angled or straight £28
FM-DTN-EK 2-pipe, DTN Peugeot £49
FM-DTN-K 1-pipe, DTN Peugeot £47
FM-DTN-S U-bend, DTN Peugeot £53

C clamp
FG3 end cover
EC end cover 32mm, straight
EC end cover 1½" B.S.P.
PS 18 & PS 19 end covers
Filler necks
Filler caps, large & small
Polar end cover A3 636
Bowman end covers 2679 & 3186

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