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Air & Water Intake Strainers & Miscellaneous Parts

Water Intake and Strainers Hose Size 16mm 22mm 28mm 32mm
Bronze, tonval, plain skin fitting, DZR ball valve, internal strainer, and hose tail £110 £140 £218 £314
Polypropylene plan skin fitting seacock, internal strainer with hose tail for steel and ferro hulls £97 £120 £211
Bronze, tonval, combined external skin fitting and strainer, DZR ball valve and hose tail £43 £51 £72 £107
Stainless steel high speed skin fitting and back nut ready for hose £51 £88
Plastic water filter with 19, 26 and 31mm hose connections (CQ914) £27
Plastic water filter with 1½" BSP connections (CQ915) £59

Air Strainers Prices
Sparrow catcher, plain for turbos 50mm bore £54
Seagull catcher, chrome for turbos 70mm bore £67
Albatross catcher, plain for turbos 100mm bore £114
Conical for intake 50mm dia. 80mm high 74mm dia. £25
Conical for intakes 60 / 63 / 70 / 76mm dia., 155mm high, 118mm dia. £35
Conical for intakes 60 / 63 / 70 / 76mm dia., 155mm high, 155mm dia. £38
Consumable Materials 
Jointing and Sealing Compounds
Firegum exhaust jointing paste, tube 120g £5
Universal jointing compound, blue, 85gm £8
Universal jointing compound, red,85gm tube £13
Bond-loc stud and bearing fit, 10ml £8
Consumable Materials 
Morris K99 marine grease, 500gm tub £6
Engine oil, 15/40 for diesels, 5 litres, Semi Synthetic £24
Gear oil, 80/90, 5 litres, Mineral £33
Automatic transmission fluid, ‘Dextron II’, 1 litre AQM £7
Asset protector anti-corrosion spray, 250ml £13
Micsellaneous Prices
Anti siphon vent to fit 18, 22, 25,& 32mm hose plus 2.5m hose and vent fitting £73
Thermostat Standard £8
Thermostat by-pass type £9
Nuts and bolts UNC, UNF up to 3/4" & Metric up 14mm diameter P.O.A.
Studding UNF, UNC, Metric P.O.A.
Stainless Hose clips Hi Torque heavy duty 12mm to 45mm £3
Stainless Hose clips Hi Torque heavy duty 50mm to 85mm £4
Stainless Hose clips Hi Torque heavy duty 90mm to 130mm £5
Engine Paint, Royal Blue 1 litre tin RAL 5002 £18
Engine jacket water circulation pump rebuild service, From £165
Engine sump pump with hoses to go down dipstick tube £19
Engine sump pump ¼" BSP female / 3⁄8" BSP male £35

Seacock and internal strainer assembly
Asset protector Anti Corrosion Spray
Seagull catcher
Plastic water strainer
Morris K99 marine grease
Hi-torque clips
ISIS ball valves
Engine sump pump ¼° & 3⁄8° BSP
New cone air filter
Anti-siphon vent

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