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560 mount
Ford valves, pushrods
2934/3 charge air cooler for Ford
Engine half wiring harness
3 blade equipoise
3 blade turbine
Head set 6-354 (page 15)
12 volt thermostart
Ford 2700/2720 series PTO shaft.
2720 series injection pump
3720-200 raw water pump for 4-108
Perkins 4-108 front mount brackets & rubbers
6-354 and 4-108 lift pumps
Perkins 6354 marinising kit
Perkins 6-354 front mount brackets & rubbers
Adapter plate PRM to SAE3
Driveplate R&D, ‘AG’ type
EC 140 air cooler
double lug
Alternator RH
2645 charge air cooler for Perkins
2645 air cooler, body
Thermostat, by-pass type
C clamp
190/300 mount
Cap Oil Filler 2487845
Anodes EM21A and Holder
Anti-siphon vent
Perkins 6-354 back end kit & mounting kit
Battery cable and terminals
Battery switch
Bennett trim tab kit
Outlet BL180 45°
BMC 1.5 back end & front mounting kit
BMC 1.5 marinising kit
Borg Warner 72C
Borg Warner parts
Borg Warner seal kit
Adapter plate ZF10 to Borg Warner
Pump, fresh water 60 series
Clamp coupling
Clutched P.T.O. for PRM 1000
Clutched deckwash pump
Cold start solenoid, Dover
Cover, Vacum Pump
CM402LM Manifold/header tank/ heat exchanger
Cummins 6B Marinising kit
Cummins front mount brackets
Injection pump damper, Dover
DC 120 oil cooler
De-coke kit, Cummins 4B
Deep sea seal
Cummins heat exchanger
CC120 Cummins
Centre mount oil pump
Pump, fresh water 40 series
Driveplate RS136
Driveplate R&D 13B4
Driveplate CFDS30
Driveplate R&D 3M22
Dry exhaust bellows
Twin element fuel filter assembly
Dual cable shift cable connection
EC end cover 32mm, straight
EC end cover 1½
EC 100 oil cooler
Exhaust duct 2
Electric fuel pump
DH 120 header tank/heat exchanger
Dorset 2 o’clock pump
Dorset/Dover injection pipes
Exhaust outlets
Exhaust outlet with flap
FC 100 oil cooler
FG3 end cover
FH 140 body
FH 300 header tank/heat exchanger
FH 410
FH 420A body
500 type filter assembly
Fuel filter 26561117
Flex coupling 910 009
FM 420
FM 622
Outlet FM660
FH 220
Bowman end covers 2679 & 3186
Exhaust Elbow 33058
Front mounted oil pump
Ford FSD front mounts and rubbers
Ford FSD oil filler
Ford FSD thermostat housing
Spill rail, injectors and injector pipes
Ford inlet manifold, Dorset 2704ET, 180HP
Ford inlet manifold, Dover
FH 420B
Outlet FM240
Ford 2700-2720 series dipstick
Ford 2712 marinising kit
Ford 2725 long sump
Ford air cooler stack, Sabre/Mermaid
Ford camshaft and bearings
Ford core plugs
Ford cylinder head repair
FSD hi-rise exhaust
FSD housing to Chevrolet
Ford FSD marinising kit
FSD Flywheel driveplate spacers and bolts
Fuel doctor
Fuel hoses
Pump, Fuel lift  Perkins 2 bolt flange ULPK0011
Fuel non-return valve kit
Gardner back end kit
Ford 2700 & 2720/PRM 500 & 750
Ford oil cooler, 2728TIM and OTOSAN
Ford ring gear and bolts
Thermostat housing cover, Ford single
Ford XLD/B-W
Pump,  Fresh water (single port) U5MW0104
4-108 fresh water pump
Mercedes front mount brackets and rubbers
Ford FSD back end kit
FSD Dieselising kit to Volvo sterndrive
Ford FSD series ex-vehicle, marinised
Hurth overhaul kit
4 blade hyperform 73
Flexible engine mount type 55 or 65 for M16 stud
Impellers 17937 and 1210
Gardner marinising kit
6B & 6BT Cummins gasket set £230
Hand held digital tachometer
Turbocharger heat shield
Heat sheild 33037
2C219 4-cyl Dorset Heat Exchanger
Wide Band Mikalor Clamps
LD28 helm head
Hi-torque clips
Hose tails
Jabsco 29460-1631
Jabsco 52580-2001
LM Transom Drive 20
Ford injector
Injectors, 26964 white spot
ISIS ball valves
Battery isolator switch, on/off
Isuzu Diesel marinising and mounting kit
Iveco Anodes 8693597
Iveco Fuel Filter 504048025
Jabsco 21140-2401
Jabsco 29440-1001
Oil Filter Riser
Oil pressure gauge and sender
Insturment panel, empty, 280mm x 230mm
PE 150
Remarinisation kit
Mercedes 603 back end
Mercedes 603 marinising kit
Mercedes front mount brackets
Morris K99 marine grease
New cone air filter
Instrument panel with half harness
NHD front mount brackets and rubbers
Nibral 20
2C212 Oil Cooler
Oil cooler kit size 2HD
Ford oil cooler, 2728TIM and OTOSAN
Oil filter, Large
Pump, Sea water W10000
Filler necks
Filler caps, large & small
Perkins 4-236 kit
Perkins 4-108/Hurth-ZF
Perkins 4-108 back end kit
Perkins 4108 marinising kit
Perkins T6-354 turbo exhaust manifold
Perekins 6-354 Inlet manifold
Peugeot XUD back end
Peugeot front mount brackets and rubbers
Peugeot XUD marinising kit
Piston and ring
Plastic header tank
Plastic water strainer
Polar end cover A3 636
Power take-off pulley
PRM DELTA seal kit MT01656
PRM parts
PRM 500 oil pump
PS 18 & PS 19 end covers
Dual throttle ‘pull type’ cable connections
Fresh water pump 1414
Pump, Fuel lift 2602048
Rover V-8 manifold and riders
Rubber necked gland
Rudder stock and blade
Electric bilge pump, 90lt/min
Seacock and internal strainer assembly
Seagull catcher
Seaprop 60
Shift connection kit for PRM 260-1000
Silicone hoses
Spin-on oil filter conversion assembly
Oil filter, spin-on conversion kit
Starter motor 12v 110461
Starter motor 12v 110867
Steering hose set
Steering ram
Steering wheel
Smart digital regulator
SternPowr 17
SternPowr gaiter
Exhaust duct 2
Sump Drain Plug
Engine sump pump ¼° & 3/8° BSP
T6354.4 Kit plus FH410
Temperature gauge and sender
Transom shield
Tubestack 514-525TN1
FM 240 tubestack 514- and 525TNI-
XLD vacuum pump aperture cover
F.P.T. Instrument panel, with alarms
Turbocharger Vee clamp
Volvo 290 exhaust blanking plate
6-354 water pump
Exhaust water trap AF
Ford XLD back end kit
XLD hi-rise exhaust
Ford XLD marinising kit
Ford XLD front mount rubbers
XLD steel plate to Volvo
Yanmar mount
ZF12M seal and clutch kit
Radiator and elbow hoses
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