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Perkins diesel engine repair parts BOATBUILDER PRICES
4-236 heat exchanger replacement kit, EC140, pages 13 & 21
water-pump-U5MW0130 Perkins-M130-Water-pump
6-354 water pump M130 water pump
6354-and-4108-lift-pumps and Plastic header tank
6-354 and 4-108 lift pumps Plastic header tank
Header Tank Plastic body only for Perkins M130 to M300 34136 £105
Cap for above 34150 £21
Fuel lift pump Perkins 4-108 4 bolt flange ULPK0014 £24
Fuel lift pump Perkins 6-354 4 bolt flange ULPK0002 £35
Exhaust manifold T6-354 water cooled (OEM part number ZZ90054) £895
Stud and gasket kit for above £72
3-bolt manifold water outlet plate & hose connection for above £55
Exhaust outlet Perama M30, Perkins 135616660, Volvo MD2030 £208
Exhaust outlet M50, Perkins 4133Y023, Volvo MD22L Perkins 861574 £148
Water connection 2 bolt flange for above 3764A092 £55
Exhaust outlet casting only for Perkins M90 & M92 37765461 £147
Fresh water pump Perkins 6-354.4 PerkinsU5MW0130 £156
Fresh water pump Perkins M130, Perkins E018 U5MW0156/9 £74
6-354 original 9990-41 Jabsco sea water pump £367
Thermostart 2666103 electric fuel valve and igniter coil, 12v (24v £26) £13
Quote Perkins engine number when ordering to ensure full parts compatibility.
Perkins outlets
Perkins outlets
Martec fresh water cooling kits NETT PRICES
We can supply various fresh water cooling kits to convert a wide range of marine engines diesel and petrol engines from raw water cooling to heat exchanger, fresh water cooling. This has an advantage of allowing the installation of a calorifier into the system for hot water. The systems are of a compact design suitable for most existing engine compartments.
Volvo V6 - V8 petrol up to 1993 901-V-104 £1092
Mercruiser petrol 3.0 litre 1968 on 901-MC301 £942
Mercruiser petrol 4.3, 5.0, 5.7 litre 1985 -1995 901-MC302 £1197
Volvo 2001 901-1020 £621
Volvo 2002 901-1021 £643
Volvo 2003 901-1022 £681
Yanmar 1GM, 901-1113 £621
Yanmar 2GM 901-1114 £621
Yanmar 3GM 901-1117 £681
Check engine model, photographs of the engine may help determine kit type.
Many more kits are available.  
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