Sabre & Lehman parts for Ford based engines
2C218 6-cyl Dorset, 6D363/380, replaces 2C211
2C219 4-cyl Dorset, 4D242/254, replaces 2C213
2C225 6-cyl Dorset Turbo, 6D363
2C239 6-cyl Dover, SP135, replaces 2C232
2C240 4-cyl Dover, SP90, replaces 2C242
2C269, 6-cyl Dover Turbo, SP185/225, replaces 2C246
2C273 6-cyl Dover Turbo Intercooled, SP275
H.D. end cover kit for both ends
3" £30
4" £36
2C219 4-cyl Dorset Heat Exchanger
2C212 12½" long O/A, 38" oil ports, replaces 2C207, 2C234,
2C237 and 2C2244
2C220, 2C243 and 2C245
use Bowman EC100
2C236 15½" long O/A, ½" oil ports, replaces 2C235
2C238 12½" long O/A, ½" oil ports, replaces 2C233
2C272 and 2C274
use Bowman EC120
2C212 Oil Cooler
Exhaust and inlet manifold kit to replace 1A387(N.L.A) on SP135 **
Turbo fitting kit for SP185 (for SP255 & 275, request advice) **
Re-marinisation kit with manifold/heat exchanger, inlet manifold & air strainer,
exhaust injection outlet & major plumbing parts for Lehman engines
Air Strainer to replace 2H75 & 1F7
Anodes EM21A (Pack of 5) (Holder £9)
Belt 2B209
Driveplates, 2L11, 2L12, 2L7, 2L19
4-cyl £129
6-cyl £99
Thermostat, by-pass type
Exhaust Outlet 1A397 (26316) 3½" hose, Dover **
Exhaust Outlet1A372 (19916) 3" hose, Dorset **
Exhaust Outlet 1A371 (19917) 3½" hose. Dorset **
Exhaust outlet gasket, IC43
Flex Mounts 2M22 (560)
Flex Mounts 2M32 (680) 19875
Exhaust outlets
Header Tank 1A465
Header Tank, steel replacement for 1A232
Hose, 3K305, 3K503 use G7035 45mm hose elbow
Hose, 3K351, 3K352, 3K786, 3K816, 3K817, 3K818
use 25mm hose elbow G7028
Hose, EW62, EW64, 3K207, 3K207A, 3K209, 3K815
use 25mm hose per 30cm £4
Hose, 3K220
use 32mm hose per 30cm £5
Hose, 3K213, 3K753, 3K2133, 3K2135
use 45mm hose per 30cm £6
Hose, 3K507
£15, special VIP
Hose, 3K824, 6135883 use P37857119 or S16128
Anodes EM21A and Holder
Hose, 3K215 2" x 2" turbo hose
Hose, 3K826 use 6" of 45mm hose with clamped in ½" x 19mm brass hosetail
Hose, 3K823 use 22mm F&F elbow & M&F elbow with twin 1" x 2" hoses
Hose, Sabre 16000/16128 33mm x 44mm elbow
Hose, Sabre 16010/16143 33mm x 44mm straight 3K824
Hose, Sabre 16134/16050 bent elbow MM1718084
Hose, Sabre 16160 LM
Jabsco pump 2C48 (If replacing 2C45 needs Gear 2C49
Oil filter Spigot to allow 2N53 in place of 2N250
Thermostat assembly and hose to replace 2C250 (incl. 2 hoses for Sabre £227)£197
Engine circulation pump E15101 for 4D220
Engine circulation pump for Peugeot based engines
repair only £145
Oil filter 2N53 LM
Nut, conrod, 117782ES
Thermostat, Mermaid 3-2720759/Sabre for 11012
Charge Air Cooler O ring for above. Mermaid 2720196 /Sabre 49114
Charge Air Cooler Casing only
Remarinisation kit
Charge air cooler core for SP275
** £945
All engine repair parts are still generally available for the Dover and Dorset
Charge Air Cooler complete for Ford 2728TIM, Mermaid 2720195,
series, as well as the 4D220 Ebro engines, together with most of their Lehman
Charge Air cooler for Sabre 49110/18014
marinising parts, although some need to be replaced with alternatives.
Charge Air Cooler Tubestack only. Mermaid 2720497/Sabre 49111/ 18013
We can also supply some engine parts for the Peugeot based 4D50 and 4D61,
and although almost all of the original marinising parts for these are no longer
** whilst stocks last
available, we are able to offer substitutes that convert both of them to more
modern systems.
Base engine parts for Lehman Fords are listed on pages 8 - 11.
V.A.T. extra on all prices
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