Ford diesel engine repair parts
Banjo, fuel spill
Bearing set, camshaft, 6-cyl (discard 2 for 4-cyl)
Bolt, banjo, fuel spill
Bolt, Flywheel to crankshaft
Bolts, Conrod, pair
Bolts, Ring Gear, set of 6
Breather valve, rocker cover, 866F 6769 AA. N.L.A., hose replacement
Cam Centre Bolt (Short)
Cam Follower
Camshaft, 6-cyl and 12 followers
Cap, oil Filler
Clamp, pair for injection pipes
Core plug set (3 off 41.7mm, 3 off 56.8mm, 1 off 59.8mm)
Cotter, valve, multi-groove, pair
Cotter, valve, single-groove, pair
Ford camshaft and bearings
Dipsticks (413mm long), with sump fitting and tube
Manifold to head gaskets
Fuel filter, twin element, Dover 6089149 (14mm) or Dorset (½" UNF)
Fuel filter adapter, M14 to 8mm pipe,1-14211
Gasket Jabsco to Timing housing
Gasket Thermostat to head
Gasket, circulation pump to block
Key, Crank Shaft
Lock Tabs, Crank Bolts, Set 508E6431A
Nuts, long exhaust manifold to head
Reservoir, fuel, 377215 for Cold Start Thermostart
Ring gear, flywheel, 128 Teeth
Screws, rocker cover
Seal, injector to head 6114632
Seal. injector nut
Spring, Exhaust Valve, 70.8mm long
Spring, Inlet Valve, 58mm long
Studs, stepped, manifold to head, 46mm long
Valve guide VAG330
Valve stem seals, per 4
Washers, copper for leak off pipe (12)
½" UNF x 5/16" tube, nuts and olives
Internal connection for
Injection pump
spill pipe
relief valve, Dover
Ford valves, pushrods
Ford core plugs
Injection pump damper, Dover
Ford ring gear and bolts
Ford oil cooler, 2728TIM and OTOSAN
Cold start solenoid, Dover
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