Lancing Marine
Centre mounted engine oil pump, driven by skew gears off of the camshaft on all 2700 Dorset series engines and industrial versions (the version generally used by U.K. Ford marinisers) of the Dover series 2722E, 2725E and 2726T.XLD 1.8 fresh water pump. This is the type of pump used on most of Fords 1800cc diesels, built for Escort, Orion, Fiesta, and similar model cars which was the base engine that most marinisers used. Certain industrial and turbocharged engines used a different pump, which is relatively rare and no longer available, though the original pump can still be refurbished.Ford Dover series fresh water pump. This was fitted to UK built Dover 2722E, 2725E and 2726T engines, and although it has two water inlet ports on it, generally one of these was blanked off with a rubber cap on marine conversionsFord Dorset 2 o'clock pump. This pump was the most common pump used on Dorset series truck, and marine engines, and comes with a pressed-on pulley, and when mounted on the engine has an inlet pipe pointing towards the 2 o'clock position.Ford Dorset diaphragm lift pump. This pump with the lever on the side that can be used to manually prime the engine's fuel system has ports tapped half inch UNF, and although it was fitted to Ford just to the Dorset 2700 series engines, it continued to be used by some marinisers on Dover 2722E and 2725E engines.Dorset, Dover injection pipes. These pipes will interchange between models as complete sets, but single pipes need to be from the same series as the rest of the pipes on the engine. Some 180HP versions of Dover 2726T engines used Dorset pipes on cylinders 4, 5 and 6 to make room for the charge air cooler that had been carried over from the 2704ET Dorset engine.XLD timing belt kit, containing the two belts and replacement tensioners. This kit is the later version and although the tensioners look different to those used on the earlier engines, it does replace the old version.Ford 4 cylinder gasket kit. This is typical of the contents of a Ford front mounted oil pump, used on UK built Dover 2728TIM 200HP and over engines, and on all Turkish Otosan built 6 cylinder engines. It is mounted below the front main bearing cap and is gear driven from the front of the crankshaft. All engines fitted with these pumps have a longer oil pan that extends under the front timing casing,  and an extension piece on the nose of the crankshaft, making it 45mm longer.