Lancing Marine
Ford cylinder head repair. Technician Andy at work on a 6-cylinder head.Ford inlet manifolds. Rear entry for Dover series 6-cylinder engine for air entry at the rear, and for Dorset engine with centre inlet, generally used on the 2704ET 180HP turbocharged, Intercooled engine.Ford charge cooler, Mermaid type. This is the style used on Mermaids from 200 to 300HP, based on Dover, 2720 series engines.Ford charge cooler, Sabre type. This is the style used on Sabres from 212 to 330HP, based on Dorset and Dover, 2700 and 2720 series enginesFord air cooler stack. This is the tubestack used in both the Sabre and mermaid versions of the charge air cooler and also in the generic cooler used on ford's partly marinised engine, the 2728TIM 200HP sold to many marinisers for local completionPiston and ring, Typical piston with gudgeon pin and piston rings used on all Ford Dover and Dorset engines. Though these are visually similar, there are differences in the gudgeon pin sizes and the nominal bore sizes, as well as being available in standard as well as oversize for re-bored blocksFord FSD thermostat housing. This replacement assembly will replace many of the original Ford types, though attention has to be paid to the operation of the cold-stat facility on the fuel injection pump.Ford FDS filler cap. This type of cap has a ventilator hose that can breathe piston blow-by gas into the air intake strainer, so it is consumed by the engine, and does not contaminate the engine room.