Lancing Marine
P2C219 4-cyl Dorset heat exchanger, which is typical of the style of cooler used on all the Lehman marinised Ford engines. 2C212 is again typical of Lehman oil coolers. Exhaust outlets shown are typical of the range available for Lehman engines. Thermostat, bypass type, is used on Mermaid engines and can be used with just an extra hose elbow on Lehman 225HP and 275HP engines and on most Sabre engines that originally had the aluminium-cased thermostat, though in this case a little more plumbing alterations are needed. Anodes EM21 and a holder with anode inserted, for all Lehman heat exchangers, as these need attention 2 or 3 times a year. Remarinisation kit for a 4-cylinder Lehman based on Ford Dorset engine. This kit is typical of the Lehman exhaust manifold replacement kits offered.