Lancing Marine
Ford 2700 series crankshaft damper/pulleys are stocked with two V-belt grooves. The rearmost groove is in the same position on the engine as the groove of a single-groove pulley. Ford  2720 series pulleys are available with either single or two grooves, or poly-vee for 8-rib flatbelt drive. Dipstick with mounting nut and a tube that can be adjusted for length to achieve the correct oil level for the engine installation angle. This item fits both 2700 and 2720 series engines. Ford 2725, long, oil sump for Dover series engines that have the oil pump mounted at the front of the engine and driven from the front of the crankshaft. This sump is the one used on all Otosan Ford 6-cylinder engines. The shorter version is used on all 2700 series Dorset engines and also on Dover series engines built at Dagenham as 2725E and 2726T for industrial and marine use. The 200HP 2728TIM also built at Dagenham was the first marine Ford with the front-mounted oil pump and longer sump. Power take-off pulleys are available in various formats and suit both series Fords. A 3-groove, 127mm diameter puilley is generally held as a stock item, but other diameters with single, twin and triple (or more) belt configurations can be made to order. Ford 2700/2720 series PTO shaft that bolts on almost all Ford diesels of these series, having an 1.1/4  diameter, 3 long shaft,  and a 5/16 width keyway, Helical drive gear for Jabsco and Johnson seawater pumps with 3/4 tapered shafts that fit into the Power Take Off aperture located below the injection pump on 2700 series Dorset engines. Straight cut gear also available for 2720 series Dover engines. Twin element fuel filter assembly, available with 1/2 UNF or M14 port tappings. Single element also available. Oil filter, large, used on Dagenham built 2728TIM 200HP marine engine, Otosan 6-cylinder engines and 6-cylinder Cargo truck engines. Push rods for 2700 series and 2720 series engines. Spill rail, injectors and injector pipes, typical set shown and held in stock for both 2700 and 2720 series engines.