Lancing Marine
Ford camshaft and bearings. The same camshaft that has the helical gear on it to drive the centrally mounted oil pump can be used on engines with the front oil pump. Cam followers do not interchange between the two series of engines.Ford core plugs are packed in engine sets for 6-cylinder engines, and when used on 4-cylinder engines there are a few that are surplus.Ford Valves, pushrods. Many of these components interchange between Dover and Dorset engines. It is important to observe the number of grooves on the valve stems to ensure the correct valves are selected.Ford ring ear and bolts. this fits all engines of both series and also the even older 4D and 6D, 590E and 592E engines.Ford oil cooler for the Turkish Ford Otosan engines. This part can also be used on Dagenham built 200HP Dover series 2728TIM enginesManifold to head gaskets for Dorset (with smaller ports) and Dover (with the larger ports). These are always supplied in the 6-cylinder form, and so for 4-cylinder engines you simply cut off the excess gasket material at the outer ends.Ford cold-start solenoid, injection pump pulsation damper, Injection pump continuous bleed connection and valve, all for  Dover, spill pipe connection assembly for both series engines and 1/2” UNF X 5/16” (8mm) tube nuts and olives for Dorset series. These nuts and olives are also used on Lehman Dover series engines for the pipe connections just to the lift pumps.