b'Ford rebuilt diesel engines & marinised used enginesFord rebuilt diesel engines & marinised used enginesREBUILT ENGINESREBUILT ENGINESYEARMODELCAPACITYH.P.NETT BOAT ASSEMBLYBUILDERCHARGE1968-822710/2712E240/254 Cu.In.70/8048488901974-822715E380 Cu.In.12058219901968-822704ET360 cu.in.150623212101968-822704ETI360 cu.in.180652614251982-942722E254 Cu.In.8550188901982-20102725E380 cu.in.12762219901982-20102726T360 cu.in.150T623212101982-20102728TIM360 cu.in.200TI652614251994-20082725OTO380 cu.in.1436274990Rebuilt engines are only supplied on an exchange basis and include all internal partsFord 2700 series, rebuiltbeing refurbished or replaced as required, fully serviced injection equipment, new jacket water pump, internal thermostat, oil and fuel filters. USED ENGINESRepair/replacement of any marinising or non-standard electrical parts is extra. USED EX-VEHICLE ENGINESOld engine must be sent in with its marinising equipment and ancillaries so that theMODELH.P. @ R.P.M.NETT BOATBUILDERbase engine can be checked for acceptability, the marinising parts removed, examined and repaired/replaced as required, prior to fitting to the replacement engine. FORD XLD55 @ 40003813All rebuilt and used engines are full power dynamometer tested to check both theFORD FSD65 @ 35003861base engine and the marinising equipment, any transmission requested is fitted andCUMMINS 6B120 @ 28005518they are then cleaned and painted. CUMMINS 6BTA190 @ 25008447How to determine which generation of Ford Diesel engine you have. Used, ex-vehicle engines are offered subject to base engine availability.A few answers:- They are initially free-run to look for major faults, then fully serviced and marinised with all new marinising parts.Ford 4D and 6D Trader. 4-Cyl 592E and 6-Cyl 590E.Built till 1964. Marinised By Parsons, Powermarine and a few others. Ford FSD series ex-vehicle, marinised1. The fresh water pump inlet is at 9 oclock2. The injection pump has a rotating drive coupling between it and the front timing casing. 3. There is a visible drive coupling between the sea water pump and the back of the injection pump.4. VERY early units have inline exhaust bolts, not two rows. After 1964 the tooling was sent to EBRO in Spain and Lehman subsequently marinised a number of the 4-cylinder engines in the 70s & 90s as the 4D220.Ford 2700 Dorset series 4 cyl 2711E, 2712E.Ford 2700 Dorset series 6 cyl 2713E, 2714E, 2715E, 2704ET, 2704ETI.Built 1964 - 1984 marinised by Sabre, Mermaid, Lehman, Powermarine, Water-mota, C.T., Seapower, Lancing Marine and others.1. Front timing cover is pressed steel, occasionally cast iron.2. No oil pipe running between injection pump and oil filter housing.3. Only one port on the fresh water pump, pointing either towards 2 oclock or 5 oclock4. Timing gears and sea water pump gear are angle-cut. Ford 2720 Dover series 4 cyl 2722E. REBUILT 4 CYL FORD DORSET ENGINE MARINISEDFord 2720 Dover series 6 cyl 2725E, 2726T. This engine has ben fully stripped and rebuilt from Crankshaft up, injection pump 1. Front timing cover is cast aluminium. and injectors reconditioned fitted with new marinising parts, dyno tested and 2. There is an oil pipe between the injection pump and the oil filter housing. painted on completion.3. Most marine/industrial engines have two ports on fresh water pump, though truck origin (Cargo) 6-cylinder engines have 3 ports. Occasionally 2722E has one port. Ford 2700 Series. 65hp @ 2500RPM94564. Timing gears and sea water pump gear are straight cut.5. Drive belts are single V-belt or double V-belts.6. Exhaust and inlet ports are larger than 2700 series / Dorset enginesFord 6 cyl 2725E, 2726T Otosan build.Ford 2728TIM, Dagenham build, up to 1994. 1. Generally similar to remainder of 2720 series.2. Have oil pump mounted at the front of the engine behind the crank pulley.3. Longer sumps 960mm overall length.4. Otosan engines have 3 port fresh water pumps with single / twin groove pulley up to 1999 , flat poly-V 8 groove drive from 2000 onwardsFord New Holland 10, 40, 60 and 70 series / BSD444, 666, 678.1. Exhaust manifold is on opposite side of engine to inlet manifold.2. Engine number is stamped on the bottom of block next to sump line.3. 10 & 40 series have CAV rotary injection pump.60 series has Bosch rotary injection pump.70 series has Bosch in-line injection pump.Iveco Fuel Filter 504048025 5V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'