b'Gearbox repair parts and oil cooler kitsGearbox repair parts and oil cooler kitsGEARBOX REPAIR PARTS SEAL & CLUTCHOILDIPSTICKBREATHERWORKSHOPGASKETPACKPUMPMANUAL & SETFORWARDPARTS LISTBorg Warner 10 17 & 10 18 (AS70,AS71C, AS72C)Reduction / 1:14313421159 / 66213010 13 & 10 14 (71CR2 & 72CR2) 7513421186213072LX3011 000 M01241619211P.O.A.P.O.A.3073 ( Part Kits )P.O.A.P.O.A.211N.L.A.213010 04 & 10 05 [Vee drive] 120134211592130Borg Warner forward clutch kit 5000 (Need serial number)210512*P.O.A.P.O.A.P.O.A.30PRM (All original PRM parts) DELTA22163411323080,120 183730100,101, 14037225-321430150301254113230160, 26037225522321430175, 250INNER PLATES ONLY51198-321430265 INNER PLATES ONLY51198-321430Borg Warner seal kit 31051288-321430301, 302, 401, 4025126359132233050040263591322330601MD / A51348544322330750432635913223301000D / A 72311544322330Hurth / ZF (All original ZF parts) HBW 3 -537236**30HBW 5,HBW100 (ZF10M)37307**30Hurth overhaul kit HBW10, HBW125 (ZF12M)49308**30HBW 150 (ZF15M) [Vee drive]167425**30HBW20 HBW250 (ZF25M)51451**30ZF45A99520**931181130ZF63A 94586**714181130HSW 800 (ZF80)107701**714181130IRM220A119702**36887430ZF Oil Filters ZF45A / ZF63A23* Includes Reverse Clutch pack **Includes Reverse Clutch pack, seals, gaskets, shims, thrust washers, keys and springs Seal face restorers are available to repair worn, input & output shafts and output flanges. From 45PRM DELTA seal kit MT01656 Parts for other models and brands are available on request GEARBOX OIL COOLERS MAX WATER FLOWGearbox oil cooler kit, sizes H and TM for water jacket onlyLT/MINOE TYPE 131LM TYPE 63Gearbox oil cooler kit, size 1 or 2, contact cooled for steel hullsstd. 99PRM150 130Gearbox oil cooler kit, size 1 (22, 28 or 32mm water)60std. 115PRM150 153Gearbox oil cooler kit, size 2 (22, 28 or 32mm water)60std. 140HD 186Gearbox oil cooler kit, size 2 (32 or 1" B.S.P. water)60std. 168HD 214ZF12M seal and clutch kit Gearbox oil cooler kit, size 3 (32 or 1" B.S.P. water)180std. 206HD 251Gearbox oil cooler kit, size 4 (32 or 1" B.S.P. water)180std. 252HD 287Gearbox oil cooler kit, size 5 (32 or 1" B.S.P. water)180std. 269HD 304Gearbox oil cooler kit, size 6 (2" BSP water)270HD 445Hoses on HD versions are pre-formed hydraulic 13" and 20". Other lengths to order.WORKSHOP REPAIRSRepairs are carried out to all the above models in our workshop, phone to make an appointment.Oil cooler kit size 2HD40 PRM 500 oil pump Borg Warner parts PRM partsV.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'