b'COOLERMAX DIESELFLANGE Gearboxes SIZEGEAR RATIOSHP/100RPMSIZELISTOURGearboxesPLEASURE USEPRICEPRICEZF68A, 8 Angle Drive, (was ZF63A)"38472877ZF68IV, 12 V-Drive, (was ZF63IV)"47993589ZF63C2 1.09.65"21151582Velvet Drive 5000A Liberty, 8 Angle Drive,3001 000***"**4171** 3389PRM750 Drop Centre, (was PRM401/402)2(1.1)(1.5)1.9(10.5)9.56"29252252PRM750 Coaxial 3(1.1)(1.5)1.9(10.5)9.56"33992617Convert PRM750D to PRM750A, 8+19.61121863Velvet Drive 72LV, 12 V-Drive, 3008 000 ***21.21.511.35"38963165Velvet Drive 72L, 3007 000 M02, aluminium31.011.95"28062280ZF22031.02.02.511.95" TD48593634ZF22031." TD5168 3865 Velvet Drive 6000A, 8, Angle Drive,3021 000 M**"49574028Velvet Drive 6000V, V-Drive, 3022 000 M**21.22.512.4(10.5)5"5743 4666ZF220 A, 10 Angle Drive31.21.8(2.5)12.5 (11.5)4" TD51263834ZF220 A, 10 Angle Drive31.52.012.54" TD47913583PRM1000 Drop Centre 34.011.57"44093394PRM1000 Drop Centre32.0(2.9)12.6(11.5)6"39003003Techno Drive TM880A, 10 Angle Drive3 1.52.1(2.6)13.35"27012260Velvetdrive 72LX, 3011 000 M0131.014.25"41703388ZF280 IV, 14 V-Drive31.21.61.8(2.6)[3.0]18.7(16.2)[13.6]5" TD83936270Techno Drive TM265A, 7 Angle Drive3[1.4]2.12.3[14.9]13.7(12.5)5" TD40093355PRM1000 Drop Centre 31.514.46"39003003Convert PRM1000D to PRM1000A, 10+113.013011001ZF85A, 8 Angle Drive" TD54874104ZF85IV, 12 V-Drive31.62.02.514.95" TD73325484Techno Drive TM26531." TD37723157ZF280-I33.015.35" TD68245104Velvet Drive 72LH, 3010 000 M0131.019.05"69035608ZF280 IV, 14 V-Drive32.1(2.3)18.8(16.1)5" TD78645882ZF280 IV, 12 V-Drive31.31.61.8(2.6)(3.1)18.8 (16.1)5" TD83836270ZF280-I30." TD67925080ZF280-I31.01.32.0(2.5)18.8(16.1)5" TD63774769ZF280-IA, 7 Angle Drive31.12.2(2.5)18.8(16.2)5" TD68585129ZF301C41." TD90846794Techno Drive TM1200A, 7 Angle Drive41.42.0(2.3)19.6 (16.7)7" TD47713993ZF286A, 7 Angle Drive41." TD91216822Twin Disc 5075SC, SAE1, Vulcardan drive41.[2.7]24.4 (21.6)5" TD84408440Velvet Drive 72-L HP for MCR 6 or 8, 3009 000 M**31.026.7Choice109738428ZF305-351.22.0(2.5)[2.9]27.6(23.9)[20.9] 155mm99357430Twin Disc MG5091, SAE1, Centa drive41.[2.9]30.4(27.6)[26.1]7" TD1132911329Velvet Drive 72-L HPS 331.038.0Choice1383211238Gear ratios in bold type are generally available for prompt delivery from our stock of over 80 gearboxes. Others may take some weeks.On imported items prices may vary with exchange rates. For commercial operation request information on power ratings.Prices charged will depend on manufacturers prices and exchange rate at the time of order.Always fit a new flywheel drive plate and oil cooler when fitting a new gearboxTWIN DISC MG5091ZF63APRM1000A ZF220A ZF85IV 39V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'