b'Marinising turbocharged diesel engines BOATBUILDER PRICESMarinising turbocharged diesel enginesBASIC ENGINEFORD TRANSITFORDFORD IZUSUPEUGEOT D-SERIESCARGOTROOPERXUDTFSDFSD6-CYLINDER6-CYLINDER2.8 y1900FINAL POWER OUTPUT H.P. 951251451801609993PartTURBO BOOST PRESSURE lbs12151015121510No.MAXIMUM R.P.M4000400025002450260038004300 #243477 e78 e91 e4843BASIC MARINISING COMPONENTS 02Oil cooler, filter mounts & connections255255460 j460 j216 l03Jabsco water pump, mount and drive 329462304 a304 a38231831804Heat exchanger, header tank1034284Bowman part no.FH420BEH20001Exhaust manifold105805Manifold/header tank/heat exchanger68568515151383607 *Bowman part no.FM242FM242FM660FM662IS27706 Turbocharger outlet & water connection (size)282 (3") 274 (3") 256 (3") 344 (4") 344 (4")234 (3")273 (3") 07 Hose & connection kit(inlet size mm) 137 (28) 162 (32)198 (28)260 (28)321 (28)91 (28)395 (28) 08Heat exchanger mount bracket16N/A1609 Hose clip kit 636866108725151IND Marinising kit using the above components 1751165128153568 u273413011321 OTHER COMPONENTS 21 Turbocharger heat shield8181112112 z112 z819122Charge air cooler531911425Bowman part no.FC1202934-3EC14023Charge air cooler mount 84N.A.5924Air ducts & hoses28218099281803915625Inlet manifold17024026Turbocharger Modification kit6827Manifold to turbocharger adaptor1171392062197428Turbocharger feed & drain pipes & hoses611177077735229Modification parts for injection pump and injectors witht injection pipes and modification of pistons, as required ATotal additional kit using the above components54112324871619724246741I+ATotal parts needed for turbo base engine3302518734581847206216Turbocharger, air cooled60381758861258817Alteration to IND and A to use turbo 16153153717132I+A+TTotal parts needed if using Part Nos. 15 or 16 (v)3048385339615870 u4078FLYWHEEL CONNECTIONS, BELL HOUSING & REAR MOUNT BRACKETS, AS REQUIRED (BACK END KIT) 18 for Borg Warner, Paragon, SternPowr & ZF 45A80 487493496 c496 c496 c748561 b20for PRM 500/750 (PRM 260 on Transit, Escort & Peugeot) 490486605 c605 c605 c31for PRM 1000624 c624 c608 c32for ZF 220 & 280 803 c803 c803 cOTHER COMPONENTS 38 Front mounted brackets & front & rear mount rubbers267467315 n315 n516 n185390 n39Air intake strainer68526464355255EXCHANGE TURBOCHARGERS AVAILABLE FOR A WIDE RANGE OF MARINE, AUTOMOTIVE AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS NOTESSUITABILITY NOTEa Use exhauster/booster drive components, 81 if required.Lancing Marine components are designed to fit the most popular form of theb Fit to flywheel 35. designated engine known to us. If components are found to be incompatible withc If heavy flywheel 53 extra. If for 4:1 reduction 53 extra.a particular variant, every effort will be made to produce a suitable component ate Requires modification of original truck sump and pick up 230 as close as possible to the quoted price. If this proves impossible, then we willor requires change of water pump if originally an upright engine 95 refund the original cost of the goods. Particular care should be taken with Perkinsj Includes replacement Spin-on oil filter assembly. engines as often over 50 variations exist of a single model. Good photographsl Remounts original truck oil cooler submitted with orders will assist selection of the most appropriate components. t Pump and injectors require modification on non-turbo base engines. ADVICEAdvice given on all products relates only to the suitability of our components for y Also suitable for 3.0 and 3.1 litre, but additional parts are needed.z Jacket also encloses original exhaust manifold.use in a particular system. We cannot undertake overall installation design work.* Request help if connection does not match thermostat housing. Recommendations are made in good faith, based only on the information given TURBOCHARGED ENGINE WARNING to us at the time, and should not be taken as a guarantee of actual performance. The use of turbochargers on marine engines imposes considerable strainsAny contract entered into with Lancing Marine is subject to our terms and which can be sustained only if the basic motor is in first class condition and isconditions, available on request.operated with all due care and consideration. 23V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'