23 V.A.T. extra on all prices Phone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com Diesel engines to petrol sterndrive parts BOATBUILDER PRICES FLYWHEEL ADAPTATIONS BOATBUILDER BELL HOUSING ADAPTATIONS FRONT MOUNTINGS MISCELLANEOUS PARTS Whilst every effort is made to ensure the compatibility of engines and parts with existing installations, there may be variations that we do not fully appreciate. If any parts are found to be incompatible, we will do our best to exchange them for other more suitable parts, at the lowest possible cost. Should this prove to be impossible, then we will refund the cost of equipment returned in good condition, though we are obviously not able to undo modification work done on client’s own equipment. Propeller and gear ratio change costs are not included in our prices. Advice given on boat performance is based on information available at the time, and is not guaranteed. EXHAUST PARTS Flywheel ring for XLD with own Mercruiser/OMC coupling fitted £189 Flywheel ring for XLD to accept new Hy-drive damper plate £189 Flywheel ring for XLD with own J-type input shaft welded on £209 Flywheel weight plate for 6.2 Chevrolet diesel for Mercruiser or Volvo £293 Flywheel adaptor, FSD to Mercruiser or OMC coupling, crankshaft fixing type £210 Flywheel driveplate spacer blocks for FSD drive plate (3) £43 Modify own BMW drive plate to fit FSD bolt pattern £70 Flywheel drive plate, Volvo spline, 12", 1.9hp/100rpm “AM” £100 Flywheel drive plate, Volvo spline, 12", 3.8hp/100rpm “AG” £129 Flywheel drive plate spacers, set of 6, 10mm to 30mm long for Chevrolet diesel £79 Spigot bush for XLD engine to accept Volvo primary shaft £20 Spigot shaft extension FSD, for Volvo B20/B23 4 cylinder primary shaft £30 Relay and wiring diagram for connection of Mercruiser and OMC shift micro-switch £16 T-piece and nipple, with ¼" or 5/16" (8mm) return connection £15 Single-point front mount bracket and rubber for FSD £151 Pair of front mounting adaptors for FSD to OMC pre-Cobra £162 Exhaust injection With 2" (51mm) vertical down outlet, for FSD £238 outlet, hi-rise or with body pointing sideways for XLD £231 Transom-mount exhaust outlet and rubber flap for 3" hose TRCPB £63 2" (51mm) to 3" (76mm) adaptor duct, straight £49 2" (51mm) to 3" (76mm) adaptor duct, elbow £49 3" (76mm), 3½" (90mm) OR 4"(102mm) alum hose plug £9 Blanking plate for exhaust connection Volvo 200-280 or 290 drive. £41 FSD Flywheel driveplate spacers and bolts Exhaust duct 2" to 3" offset XLD steel plate to Volvo FSD hi-rise exhaust Exhaust duct 2" to 3" elbow Volvo 290 exhaust blanking plate FSD housing to Chevrolet XLD hi-rise exhaust Diesel engines to petrol sterndrive parts Engine backplate, XLD to Chevrolet, Volvo B20 or Volvo B23 pattern bell housings £207 Engine backplate, Peugeot XUD to Volvo B23 pattern housing £207 Flywheel housing adaptor, FSD to Volvo 4 cylinder bell housing £285 Flywheel housing adaptor, FSD to Chevrolet pattern housing £224 Modify own Volvo or BMW flywheel housing and weld to Borg-Warner/SAE7 housing or spacer ring £165 Borg-Warner/SAE7 flywheel housings for most popular engines See page 37 Modify ex-vehicle aluminium flywheel housing to SAE7 £455 Flywheel housing spacer kit Chevrolet 6.2 diesel to Volvo V-8 bell housing £100