b'Perkins diesel engine repair parts NETTBOATBUILDER PRICES Perkins diesel engine repair partsPERKINS 6354.4 T6354.4 Filter element, Fuel 26561117 (296)4Pump, Fresh water Perkins 6-354.4 PerkinsU5MW0130 167Pump, Fuel lift Perkins 6-354 4 bolt flange ULPK0002 38Stat housing replacement kit (to PE580)250PERKINS 1000 Phasor SeriesM130 - M300 Air filter 3306214Air Intercooler M215 - M300 N414141,659 Exhaust Injection Elbow 33573Alternator 2871A145 (112112) 12 volt, insulated return442Bellhousing secondhand casting number 3713800 **892Electric shut off soleniod JPT Connector 12volt 2642046964Electric shut off soleniod JPT Connector 24volt 2642047063Spade terminal for above 3161C01212Electric shut off soleniod Lucar Connector 12volt 2642047169Electric shut off soleniod Lucar Connector 24volt 2642047249Exhaust Elbow and injection outlet 33573240Exhaust Elbow only,dry 33058110Filter element, Fuel 26561117 (296)4Guard,Belt 3320460Header Tank Plastic body only for Perkins M130 to M300 34136149 Exhaust Elbow 33058Cap for above 34150 23Heat sheild,Turbo 3303799Heatexchanger, complete 33929526Manifold, inlet/ Exhaust 34930987Oil Cooler gearbox 33142 (55mm Diameter x 265mm long)152Pump, Fresh water Perkins M130, Perkins E018 U5MW0156/996Pump, Fuel lift Perkins ULPK000238Pump, Sea water W10000clamp flange, 32mm ports368Pump, Sea water W10015 34658 clamp flange, 32mm ports363Starter Motor 12vinsulated return N39792411Starter Motor 24vinsulated return N39793336 Heat sheild 33037 Plastic header tankThermostat 3301012Turbocharger M215 / M225 33068855Turbocharger M30033809760PERKINS GENERAL Flexible engine mount Type55 or 65, for M16 stud30 Insulator, Bakelite, for Thermostart 3381750822Paint Original Perkins colour 1 litre20Paint Original Perkins colour 5 litre 222Z100610068Pump,Fresh water repair old unit, from165Starter Motor 12v insulated return N39792411 Heatexchanger 33929Starter Motor 24v insulated return N39793336Thermostart 2666103 electric fuel valve and igniter coil, 12v 14Thermostart 2666108 electric fuel valve and igniter coil, 24v 18Quote Perkins engine number when ordering to ensure full parts compatibility. Manifold inlet/ ExhaustPerkins copper oil cooler 33143 Pump, Sea water W10000 Flexible engine mount Type55 or 65, for M16 stud 19V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'