b'Perkins diesel engine repair parts NETTBOATBUILDER PRICESPerkins diesel engine repair parts PERKINS M90 & M92 Cap Oil Filler 24878454Exhaust outlet casting only for Perkins M90 & M92 37765461158Filter element, Fuel 26561117 (296)4O ring Kit Serck heatexchanger 24865061, 24865062, 241583617O rings oil cooler 2415657 (AN12)3Pipe, Injection set of 4P.O.A.Pump, Fresh water (single port) U5MW010459Pump, Fuel lift Perkins 4 bolt flange ULPK0001 38Fuel filter 26561117 Pump, Sea water Jabsco 10970, 3/4 NPT threaded ports, 4 bolt flange435Pump, Sea water Jabsco 10970-21, flanged ports, 4 bolt flange522Pump, Sea water Jabsco later type P.O.A.Pump,Fuel liftPerkins 2 bolt flange ULPK001138Thermostat 2485613 7PERKINS 6.354 Coupling sea water pump 3387K001 ( was 0940256) Use Following lineN.L.A.2 x HRC70F1008, 1 x HRC70IDUN-P,1x 1008 13/16, 1 x 1008 3/470Inlet manifold, rear entry, 6-354254O ring Kit Serck heatexchanger 24865061, 24865062, 241583617Pump,Fresh water U5MW0111115Pump, Fuel lift Perkins 2 bolt flange ULPK000738Pump, Fuel lift Perkins 6-354 4 bolt flange ULPK0002 38Pump, Sea water 9990-41 388PERKINS T6354 & HT6354 Head set 6-354 (page 15) Adaptor, 4-bolt turbo to clamp on exhaust outlet103Adaptor, Exhaust Manifold to Turbo, one peice HT6-354 390Adaptor, Manifold to Turbo for HT6-354 (Cast number 37766600)N.L.A.Adaptor, Manifold to Turbo for T6-354 upright214Clamp, Turbo outlet 92mm 248194229Exhaust injection outlet, One piece, for T6-354, replaces 2-piece type 395Filter, Fuel26561117 (296)4Filter, Oil 2654403 (Length 130mm)5Gasket, Turbo outlet 334153428Perekins 6-354 Inlet manifold Manifold, Exhaust T6-354 water cooled (OEM part number ZZ90054)895Flange 3-bolt manifold water outlet plate connection for above55Plate 4-bolt manifold water inlet, front, plate connection for above55Plate 6-bolt manifold side blank, cover plate for above45Stud and gasket kit for exhaust manifold72Outlet bend, exhaust, 90 Turbo, segmented, 92mm dia. flanges154Outlet bend, exhaust, 90 Turbo, smooth flow, 92mm dia. flanges132Spacer block & bolts for new type FH410406-354 and 4-108 lift pumps6-354 water pump90 segmented bend, turbo adapter replaces Perkins 37762103Perkins T6-354 turbo exhaust manifoldT6-354 and HT6-354 manifold to turbocharger adapters18V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'