b'Perkins marinising & partsPerkins marinising & partsPERKINS PERKINSPERKINSPERKINSPERKINSPart For turbocharged Perkins engines 4/99 197 & 84-2364-CYL6-3546-CYLNo. see page 23 Light vansPHASERPHASER #996110 y54108 ySTANDARD HP/RPM (APPROX)35-40@350075@250080@2600110@2600120@2600BASIC MARINISING COMPONENTS 02Oil cooler, connections & pipes393 g393 g03 Jabsco water pump, mount and drive318435544 q228 a544 q05Manifold/header tank/heat exchanger62193793712091234Bowman part no.PE180PE390 xPE390 xPE580 xPE1006 x06Manifold outlet with water connection (size)59 (2")88 (3")87 (3") 88 (3")88 (3")07Hose & connection kit (inlet size mm)115 (22)151 (28)142 (28)144 (28)115 (28)08Heat exchanger mount bracket(s)N/A158 uN/AN/A09Hose clip kit3227544851 INDMarinising kit using the above components11452031192221102302Perkins 4108 marinising kit Perkins 6354 marinising kitFLYWHEEL CONNECTIONS, BELL HOUSING & REAR MOUNT BRACKETS, AS REQUIRED (BACK END KIT) 18for Borg Warner, Paragon, SternPowr & ZF 45-80574 c836 v582 p826 w596 p19 for ZF5M-15M, PRM 120/150 & Techno 60 gearboxes 606 d20for P.R.M. (260 for 4 cyl, 500/750 for 6 cyl, 1000 for 6 cyl)670 w583 p674 w83131for P.R.M. (500/750 for 4 cyl, 1000 for 6 cyl)674 w613 p687 w672 pPerkins 4-108 front mount brackets & rubbersPerkins 4-108 back end kitPerkins 6-354 front mount brackets & rubbers Perkins 6-354 back end kit & mounting kitOTHER COMPONENTS 38Front mount brackets & front & rear mount rubbers20433232232232239Air intake strainer414135643540Manifold outlet with flex connection for dry exhaust151149149196196NOTESa Uses truck brake pump components.pRequires SAE flywheel housing. Alternative available 95 if required for industrial enginesu Part kit only. c If Ford Transit type engine fit to flywheel 50.w If engine is already fitted with SAE3 flywheel housing, use partd If Ford Transit type engine 50 extra plus fit to flywheel 50.from engine 110 & 108. Engines with Agricultural cylindergIncludes replacement Spin-on filter assembly. blocks need special adaptor, 445, as well.xInlet manifold may require modification or replacement.o Owing to variations in engine designs, extra components may yNot for cross-flow enginesbe required. 14V.A.T. extra on all pricesPhone: +44 (0)1273 411765. Email: data@lancingmarine.com. Website: www.lancingmarine.com'