Ford FSD 2.5 litre 4 cylinder marine diesel Page 6 Design Features Detailed specification FSD - 65HP at 3500 RPM only available built on used base engine Ford parts support throughout Europe and 170 countries worldwide Engine specifications may vary as improvements are introduced Specifications are subject to change without notice and are not for engineering purposes See the Lancing Marine Boatbuilder’s Guide for Complete Installation Kit Lancing Marine reserve the right to alter specifications without notice Engine Well proven, normally aspirated. Suitable for shaft, sterndrive or jetpump installations. Fuel system Direct injection for good starting, with pre-set minimum and maximum speed control. Low fuel consumption Precise fuel management system includes an automatic timing advance and torque control unit, to control maximum fuel delivery throughout the speed range. Reliability Meets high reliability and durability demands. Cast iron cylinder head with optimised gas flow. Variation to standard specification (see inside front cover) and extra optional items for this engine type Additional standard items Electric run/stop control Single groove P .T.O. pulley Water injected exhaust outlet Transmission attachment parts Low oil pressure and high water temperature switches with alarm Optional items Keel cooling and dry exhaust in lieu of heat exchanger system High-rise exhaust “Dieselise” package for stern drive use Aluminium sump Engine model FSD Max Fuel Consumption, lit/hour 15 Fuel feed diameter, ins (mm) 5 /16 (8) Fuel return diameter, ins 5 /16 (8) Exhaust diameter, ins (mm) 2 (50) Water intake diameter, mm 28 Coolant capacity, lit 13 Oil capacity, lit 7.1 Weight, Engine, Kg 263 Guide to sterngear Max. Prop. dia. for gear ratio 1.5:1 ins 15" Min. Shaft Dia. St. St. ins (mm) 1 (25) Speed range for this ratio (knots) 11-22 Max. Prop. dia. for gear ratio 2:1 19" Min. Shaft Dia. St. St. ins (mm) 1 ¼ (32) Speed range for this ratio (knots) 7-16 Max. Prop. dia. for gear ratio 3:1 23" Min. Shaft Dia. St. St. ins (mm) 1 3 /8 (35) Speed range for this ratio (knots) 5-10 Serviceability Low maintenance requirements, 4 rib Poly-Vee belt for low slippage. Easy access to all serviceable components. Dimensions J & K can be found in the gearbox specification pages 9 - 15 125 110 95 80 Engine model FSD Power Maximum H.P . 65 RPM Maximum 3500 Torque Maximum Nm 170 Cubic capacity, litres 2.5 Bore, mm 93.7 Stroke, mm 90.5 Aspiration Natural Engine rotation Anti-clockwise viewed from rear Compression ratio 18.3:1 Electrics 12v earth return Alt, Amps, as available 55-90 Minimum battery size 1X85 AH 12 volt Minimum starter cable, length=size 0.6M = 40mm2 /1.2M = 70mm2 Engine operating angles Engine front down (degrees) 5 Sideways (degrees) 15 Engine front up (degrees) 15