N-Series Diesels Page 4 Design Features Detailed specification Variation to standard specification (see inside front cover) and extra optional items for this engine type N45-100 - 100 HP at 2800 RPM N67-150 - 150 HP at 2800 RPM ‘FPT by Lancing Marine’, based upon a proven base engine by one of the World’s leading engine manufacturers and supported by Lancing Marine giving worldwide parts availability. Engine specifications may vary as improvements are introduced Specifications are subject to change without notice and are not for engineering purposes See the Lancing Marine Price Book for Complete Installation Kit Lancing Marine reserve the right to alter specifications without notice Engine Low noise, high strength, rugged bottom end with 7 main bearings, piston cooling, thick wall parent bore. Large diameter valves to improve volumetric efficiency. High compression ratio for faster starts and warm ups with reduced white smoke. Fuel system High nozzle opening pressures for high fuel efficiency and low smoke. Self air purge fuel pump, automatic excess fuel and timing retard for excellent cold starting. Reliability The ‘FPT by Lancing Marine’ range is derived from a partner collaboration of major manufacturers, extensively used in automotive, industrial and agricultural tractor applications. Serviceability Piston jet oil cooling for extended life. Long filter and oil change intervals (600 hours pleasure). Self adjusting poly vee drive belt for alternator and fresh water pump for low slippage with minimal power loss and longer bearing life. Additional standard items Electric run/stop control Full power dynomometer test Oil sump drain pump Optional items Drive belt guard Power take-off pulley or shaft Keel cooling and dry exhaust in lieu of heat exchanger system Engine model N45-100 N67-150 Max Fuel Flow required, lit/hour (includes return) 140 Fuel feed diameter, mm 9 Fuel return diameter, mm 9 Exhaust diameter, ins (mm) 4 (102) Water intake diameter, mm 35 Coolant capacity, lit 21 22.5 Oil capacity, lit 11.5 16.5 Weight, Engine, Kg 430 530 Guide to sterngear Max. Prop. dia. for gear ratio 1.5:1 ins 19" 21" Min. Shaft Dia. St. St. mm 35 35 Speed range for this ratio (knots) 14-30 18-31 Max. Prop. dia. for gear ratio 2:1 24" 26" Min. Shaft Dia. St. St. mm 40 45 Speed range for this ratio (knots) 9-25 11-28 Max. Prop. dia. for gear ratio 3:1 31" 33" Min. Shaft Dia. St. St. mm 50 55 Speed range for this ratio (knots) 6-20 7-22 Dimensions J & K can be found in the gearbox specification pages 9 - 13 Engine model N45-100 N67-150 Power Maximum H.P . pleasure 100 150 RPM Maximum 2800 2800 Torque Maximum Nm 310 465 Cubic capacity, litres 4.5 6.7 Bore, mm 104 Stroke, mm 132 Aspiration Normally aspirated Engine rotation Anti-clockwise viewed from rear Compression ratio 17.5:1 Electrics 12v earth return Alt, Amps 90 Minimum battery size 1X180 AH 12 volt Minimum starter cable, length=size 0.6M = 70mm2 /1.2M = 95mm2 Engine operating angles Engine front down (degrees) 0 Sideways (degrees) 22 Engine front up (degrees) 20 Dimensions in mm N45-100 N67-150 A 811 1071 B 648 888 C 585 585 D 257 335 E 60 60 F 115 115 G 610/710 610/710 H 700 705