General characteristics • Twin steering deflectors • Hydrodynamic reverse deflector allows infinite control of thrust from full ahead to full astern • Remotely controlled moveable intake screen allows easy removal of debris • Specially designed steering, forward/reverse and speed controls are available for all models • Special controls are available for twin and triple engine configurations • High quality corrosion protection is provided by anodising aluminium components, the use of a baked-on paint finish and extensive use of zinc anodes for cathodic protection • No gearbox or clutch required on the engine • Built-in water supply for engine cooling on 05, 238 and 240 • Simple installation with U/J or C.V. driveline • No underwater appendages • Highly efficient at speeds from 20 to 50 knots • All jets can be matched by selection of appropriate gears from the Castoldi gear selection charts to a wide range of engine powers and speeds as shown on the HP/RPM operating zone chart and from there up to a maximum engine speed of 6000 RPM though 490HC is limited to 4800 RPM. • HC models incorporate multi-disc hydraulic clutches, hydraulic intake grid clearing system and power steering. • Control systems can be mechanical on 05 and 238, Hydromech or electric/hydraulic on all models and also full electronic with joy-stick manoeuvring on any of the HC models. Detailed choice varies with model. CASTOLDI water jet drive systems are manufactured in Italy by a large family-run company in a modern factory equipped with the latest computer- controlled machinery that also produces advanced agricultural equipment, welding and generating sets, and garden and agricultural tractors of modern design. The CASTOLDI design of water-jet propulsion unit is unique in having the drive taken through a pair of gears that can be changed to match the units to a wide variety of gasoline and diesel engines from 30 to 1500 h.p. running at speeds from 1000 to 6000 r.p.m. This gear train also incorporates a dog-clutch that can be used to disconnect the engine from the jet to allow it to be run on no load, and without producing any disturbance of the water. Table of dimensions MODEL DISP EL H IL ML SH TA Weight Kg 240HC 2.5 893 433 358 358 296 12 130 282 4 1104 526 433 716 378 11.5 182 284HC 4 887 550 599 578 353 0 193 284LV 4 887 550 599 578 353 0 183 340HC 5 1034 645 736 810 406 0 307 400HC 10 1200 767 870 874 491 0 480 490HC 17 1524 903 1012 960 583 0 890 DISP is the suggested maximum boat weight in tons per jet unit. All dimensions are in mm. HP/RPM operating zones Types 240HC - 490HC Type 282 Page 21 Castoldijet drive systems