Page 18 LM Transom Drives The New All-British designed and manufactured LM TRANSOM DRIVE that increases the operational efficiency of sportsboats and fast motor cruisers. These rugged units are capable of being coupled to the more powerful petrol engines of which the Ford V6, Jaguar 4.2, and the American 'Small and Big Block' V8's are typical, PLUS diesel engines of up to 600 h.p. through a ZF, PRM or other suitable gearbox. There are three models to cover the range of engine applications. Each model comes complete with hydraulic steering as standard. The advantages of the LM TRANSOM DRIVE over other forms of marine propulsion drives apply right through the designer - boatbuilder - user spectrum because:- LM TRANSOM DRIVE allows for inboard engine installation in a position close to the transom. LM TRANSOM DRIVE propeller shaft runs at an angle of only 8°. LM TRANSOM DRIVE has direct-drive from gearbox eliminating the power loss experienced in sterndrives. LM TRANSOM DRIVE requires a smaller aperture cut into the boat's transom than for a sterndrive. LM TRANSOM DRIVE has no gears to wear or break. LM TRANSOM DRIVE has a smaller underwater profile, causing less underwater drag. LM TRANSOM DRIVE has a high rake surface piercing propeller, which when running partially out of the water, helps trim the bow of the boat up on high speed running AND YET when fully immersed still gives transom lift to ensure easy planing. LM TRANSOM DRIVE subjects steering systems to very light steering loads due to its balanced rudder design. LM TRANSOM DRIVE 14 rudder forms a propeller guard. LM TRANSOM DRIVE 14 has a splined propeller shaft enabling the propeller to be quickly removed, especially applicable to trailable craft where propeller damage can occur during transit. Dimensions LM TRANSOM DRIVE comes complete with: Shaft and rudder carrier, propeller shaft, rudder and tiller arm, Hydraulic helm head, steering cylinder and transom mount, hoses and connections, Shaft, bearing and seal assembly. Extras: Propeller, Shaft coupling and flexible coupling to suit engine/ gearbox being installed, Set of transom bolts. 14" unit with standard rudder 14" unit with separate rudder Model A B C D E F H J K L M N O WEIGHT excl. prop 14" STD 890 510 380 13½" 305 — 1¼" 190 215 255 — 85 610 33Kg 17" STD 1215 675 410 17" 356 — 1¾" 190 280 320 — 114 835 67Kg 20" STD 1300 725 520 20" 356 — 2" 190 280 370 — 114 835 85Kg 14” SEP 730 — 380 15" 305 380 1¼” 190 165 292 445 85 610 58Kg (pair) 17" SEP 1000 — 465 17" 356 410 1¾" 190 290 418 545 114 835 103Kg (pair) 20" SEP 1025 — 465 20" 356 520 2" 190 290 418 570 114 835 145Kg (pair) All measurements are in mm, unless otherwise stated, and are approximate. 14”SEP uses similar rudder assembly to 17”SEP . Weights in Kg. and for separate rudder units include two drives and one rudder assembly.